Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

Wow - what a weekend.  Didn't expect to get all the snow we got.  Crazy Midwest weather.
Friday night we headed to the KC Hall for fish with The Lukes.  Man, it must have been on everyone else's mind too, the place was busy busy.  But so good.  Two prego Mommys sure did get their tummys full.  We also ran into some more friends down there, the Coops, who we hardly get to see.  Stella and Landon played with their kids so well.  It was so cute to see them all running around and having a ball.  Stella got knocked over and supported a nice welt on her head for most of the evening.  The first of many head injuries for the weekend.  By time we got home she was worn out from running and playing and was in bed in no time.
Saturday morning I had to work at CK.  Daddy and Stella hung out at home all day.  Everyone coming into the restaurant kept saying how we were going to get so much snow.  But we hadn't seen a flake yet.  Next thing we know we hear the big thunder and then boom, snow galore.  Like it was just dumped on us.  Crazy.  I don't think it stopped all evening.  But we had plans to go to dinner with The Joneses and there was no way we were cancelling.  So Brent and Kacie came to Red Bud to pick us up.  Stella LOVED riding in Uncle Buck's big truck.
And playing with the water bottle.  Thank goodness it didn't have chew in it.  She was eyeing up his chew bottle for a good while.  And look at all that snow out the window!  CRAZY!  We enjoyed a nice dinner at 54th Street and continued to watch the snow through the window.  And since we were SO CLOSE to Cold Stone, we had to stop there too.  I mean, Stella had never been before so we had to go for her (promise Mommy wasn't the one craving it, hehe).  We had a nice night out with them and as always laughed and laughed.
Sunday we had plans to go to Springfield but decided to wait until the following weekend.  Nana came over for breakfast and Stella was being a show off.  Until her head met the TV stand.  Right between the eyes.
See the bump on her nose and then the line above it.  Ouchie.  It only got worse.  Now there are two nice little bruised lines across her nose.  Good thing she is cute and can pull off welts and bruises.  Poor baby.  At 1:30 I had plans to go play bingo with Lacie at the Catholic School.  You know how us Catholics love our bingo.  Daddy had things to do so Stella went and hung out at a new baby sitters.  She loved it there.  Had so much fun.  Candace is so awesome with kids and Stella said she can't wait to go back!  Aunt Lacie even won some money at bingo too!  When we got done and got home we made some yummy soup and then enjoyed Dairy Queen ice cream with Nana and Aunt Lacie.  All in all we had a nice relaxing weekend.  Let's hope next weekend is snow free and we might be able to get in a walk or two.  Fingers crossed!  Hope you all had a great weekend!


Adrien said...

Poor baby! I know, sometimes Evelyn bumps her head so much I think she's going to cause permanent damage, haha.

Your Monday posts always make me hungry. I'm not even pregnant, but I'm definitely pro-food. :)

Cassie said...

thank you i am so glad i'm not the only one. i mean she only cried for like two minutes both times but i was like girlfriend, that HAD to have hurt your porr little head. lol.

ha, well DQ has free ice cream for kids. it's just vanialla in a dish, but hey, who doesn't love FREE!!

Anonymous said...

Poor Stella.
Jimmy bumps his head always, sometimes cry, but mostly he stays smiling.

Heather Rahn said...

I want to play Bingo so bad but I never know where to go or how to go about doing it. And of course no one ever wants to go with me.