Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

Well, hello Monday.  Man, you seemed to have gotten here awfully quick.  Unfortunately I have no pictures to post from our weekend so this is kind of going to be a boring post.  Sorry.  Maybe next weekend.
Friday night we went to Lisa's in Rocher to eat dinner with my Grandma and Grandpa Steibel and Dad and Pam for Grandma's birthday.  Man, Lisa's fish just freaking rocks.  I don't know what they do, but damn, it's good!  Stella was hamming it up with everyone of course.  By time we left there we had a sleepy baby so we took it slow going home so that she could sleep.  Josh said he would buy ice cream so we stopped at DQ and got two ice cream cones.  By time we pulled in the garage Stella was still sleeping so we sat in the car, in the garage, and finished eating our ice cream.  Hey, when you are parents, you will do whatever you can for a little piece and quite and some R&R while you eat some ice cream.
Saturday morning we got up and made omelets for breakfast.  Mmm, either we are really good cooks or we were really hungry.  For some reason they were just awesome.  Then my Dad called our house (which seems to be the laborers hall lately) and asked for some help.  I offered up a 13 month old who needed a nap, but he was looking for a little more.  So Josh headed out there and Stella and I headed to Wal-Mart to pick out her bedding for her big girl room (and so she could get a little nap in on the way there).  We met Aunt Lacie there and then when we got back in town joined Mom for lunch at Tequila's.  Where again, Stella was part of the welcoming committee and was just smiling and laughing at everyone.  When we got home we went for a walk.  Ahhh, the weather was awesome.  Then we got to go see Erin's little baby Lyla.  So cute and so small!!  Stella was a bit jealous, but had more fun showing off than anything.  When we got home we got ready to go on our "date" and to give Kacie and Brent the low down on Stella's nighttime routine.  They were champs and had so much fun with her.  (Kacie, we are ready for you to be a Mommy ANY day now, ok?!?)  Our date was nice.  However,we had a gift card to 54th Street where we were going to have dinner.  I called on the way there to make reservations but they don't take them.  So when we got there I went up to put my name on the list and homegirl told us "60 minutes to an hour."  I looked at her and it took everything in me not to say, "Honey, I have 60 minutes but I don't have an hour to wait."  But I fought back the urge and just looked at her like, oh, bless you little heart, you not too smart are you.  lol.  We were over waiting about ten minutes into it so we called TGI Fridays (because I had a coupon) and they had a 20 minute wait.  So we got our name on the list and headed over there.  After dinner it was raining.  Awesome.  But we still headed to do a little shopping.  I got all new make-up from Estee Lauder (yes, I wear Estee Lauder make up, makes me really feel like a Mom, but man, I just LOVE their makeup!!)  Anyways, I feel like I have a whole new face.  PTL.  When we got home Stella was in bed and we hung out and enjoyed our company with Kacie and Brent for a good hour or so.  It was so nice!
Sunday I got up bright and early to work at CK.  Boy was that an interesting day.  The dishwasher didn't show up and another girl had to go home sick.  When the kitchen usually has 4 people and we were left with 2, it makes for a fun Sunday!  I had no idea how nice the weather was until I got to leave CK.  Man oh man, it was awesome!  So I headed home, got out the stroller and away Stella and I went again!  Later that night we headed to Gma and Gpa Steibel's house for cake and ice cream for her birthday.  I had two pieces of ice cream cake, because I'm pregnant and I can.  lol.  It was delicious.  I love having all of our family together for birthdays!
All in all we had an awesome weekend with awesome weather!  Yay for Spring!


Kacie said...

Oh babies....we will have to just wait and see!

Anonymous said...

Okay you can have two pieces you have to eat for two LOL.

Yay it's spring!!!!!