Hello, March!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hello, March!

Well, hello March 1st.  Lordy, where did you come from?  Time is just flying! 
Spring will be here before we know it!!!  PTL!
Ms. Stella will be 13 months old tomorrow.  Ahhhh, 7 months away from being 20 months old! 
I don't know why but something about saying my kid is 20 months old seems crazy!! 
I promise I won't be one of those Moms who says, oh she is 29 months old.  I mean really, come on. 
I think after they are two, you just stick with their age in years, not months. 
And she is less than 6 months away from being a big sister!!
I mean come on, who wouldn't want to be related to this cute little thing?!?!

Ha, Stella had a little accident last night and it was the last pair of clean "matching" pajamas she had.  So we just had to improvise.  I know I know, her outfit matches soooooo well.  lol.  She had one pair of pajama pants clean but for some reason not a maching shirt (idk, we will blame Daddy for that).  So I was searching for a 12 month onesie, would you believe this is the ONLY ONE I could find?!?!  Wow.  Looks like Mommy might be making a trip to Target soon (darn the bad luck, hehe).  So this is what we pulled together.  Speaking of accidents Stella has been peeing through her diaper at night lately.  We use the Huggies Overnights (Size 4) and they fit just fine (that was my first thought, maybe I need a bigger size).  Most mornings she wakes up a wet spot on her pants and sheets.  Which is no fun.  Any advice?!  Any Mommy's had this problem?!

Stella is also FINALLY done with all of her strep throat medicine.  She took it like a champ!  Way to go baby!!  I know that crap is nasty, I don't even like taking it.  But she was a trooper!!  She now has a litle bit of a cough, which is no fun because Baby Wilson is coming ANY DAY NOW and if Stella keeps up the cough she can't go and meet her.  Boo.  So let's hope that goes away soon!!

Last night she officially mastered the art of climbing into the fridge.  She has always gotten into the fridge, but has tried and tried to use the bottom one as a step, and last night I turned around for two seconds and there she was, holding on to the top shelf and both feet on the bottom one.  Crazy kid!!

She is also a walking fool!!  If she falls down, don't think she will give up and crawl, nope she gets right back up and right back to walking.  It's the cutest little thing ever.


Heather Rahn said...

I love her outfit. Nothing screams diva like being a daddy's girl AND rocking out some leopard print at the same time!

Cassie said...

ha, right she just needs some black finger nail polish and some high heels. lol.
oh god, she's going to be just like me. i'm so scared!!!

Heather Rahn said...

I totally want to get her one of those big tutu's that you see at all the craft shows...a black and hot pink one.