Confession Friday

Friday, February 25, 2011

Confession Friday

I know I know, afternoon posts.  Boo.  But seriously, I am beat.  How did I go to concerts before and get totally schwasted and then go to work?  No idea.  I feel worse today and I didn't even have a drop last night.  Who knows.
Let's just say I learned A LOT last night.  Here's a few, "concert confessions":

I confess, going to a concert stone sober is TOTALLY different than going with a brewski or two in ya.  (Wow that makes me sound like a drunk).  But people are WAY more annoying and I'm pretty sure I yawned a few times.  Not cuz the show was boring, but because I am.  I promise I know how to have fun without drinking.  Ok, I'm just digging myself a bigger hole. 

Onto the next one....
I confess, going to a concert stone sober can be super fun.  Rednecks stand out like crazy.  Not saying I have beef with rednecks, but I do get a kick out of the get ups the choose to wear out in public.  Which brings me to these girls:
I'm pretty sure that's two bras you are wearing there home girl.  Yeah, it may look cute from the front, but nothing about the back of that says "cute."  God created strapless for a reason.  And your bff there, is that a Budweiser, in her back pocket?  Oh geesh, where did you see that at, the last episode of My Big Redneck Wedding?  And was that BuckedUp shirt on sale at Rural King, in the kids department?  Lordy.  And if I saw her crack one more time, ugh.  I won't even get started on her ratty hair.  Ha, ok, I'm horrible.  Dear God, I really do love people and think they look beautiful in whatever they wear, promise.

I confess, drunk drive-thru eating after a concert is NOT the same sober.  No Katie I didn't have an "episode" like you thought I would have, but OMG, my gut is killing me today.  Baby does not like Del Taco's cheesy fries and chicken tacos at midnight.  No at all.......

I confess that this girl rocks!
She is so comfortable in her skin, so beautiful, can sing like nobodies business, is not afraid to be a little crazy, ahhh, I just wana be her!!!

I confess that I went through McDonald's this morning to get something to drink and the guy at the second window said, "Wow, you have beautiful eyes."  I smiled politely and said thank you.  It really did make my day.  But then I looked in the mirror and wow, I looked like death warmed over.  I don't even know if one eye was even open all the way and the bags under my eyes would have needed to be checked they were so heavy.  He HAD to have been lying.  But he made me feel pretty for about 2.5 seconds.

OK, that's enough.  I just need to go home, take a shower, a short little nap and then I will be raring to go again!
But please, amuse me and tell me that I'm not the only one who is a freaking mess......


Heather Rahn said...

Dude. Are you going to be okay to go tonight?

I confess that I just threw my diet into the big black hole for making me gain 2 lbs and ate contraband McDonalds for lunch. And I could literally hear my stomach go "ahhhh..."

I confess that when I saw that first picture I thought "Hey...Why didn't I ever think to put my Bud Light in my back pocket??"

Meagan said...

I confess that even though I can't stand the guys I work with, I go out to eat with them every Friday because it's free and I've been thinking about not going anymore but then I would have to start cooking on Thursday nights!

Cassie said...

Ha yes, nothing a little shower and nap won't fix. I just might not last as long as I was thinking....

hahaha - if you would put your BL in your back pocket I wouldn't make fun of you (to your face) JK JK JK!!!

OMG Meagan - same here. Some guys are just ridic but when they say hey we are going to buy lunch, I can suck it up for an hour. lol.

Katie said...

I was wide awake this morning, but this afternoon is a completely different story. I just went and got a Mountain Dew to TRY to keep my head from slowly falling and hitting my desk. Im sooo tired. Im with you on the nap before doing anything tonight.

I did have fun last night, but I really thought I knew more of her songs. I mean I know Im not a huge Miranda fan, but good Lord I probably knew like 6 songs.

Lara said...

I confess that I have been reading your confessions for about 3 weeks now and was just too lazy to come up with one on my own.

I confess that after Josh and I watched our wedding video together last night he got on the computer and I watch Grey's and Private Practice. Nice Anniversary...huh?