Day 7: A picture of your most treasured item

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 7: A picture of your most treasured item

Sorry I have totally been slacking on the picture posts.  I am back at it now.  Promise.
So without further ado, my most treasured item:
For lack of better names we will call him Steward.  Ha.  He currently lives in my husbands closet.  But for many years before that he could be found at the end of my bed or somewhere in my room.  I got him from my Godfather one year for Christmas.  Steward is packed full of memories galore.  Pretty sure if my house was on fire and all my family and Abbie was out safe I might go back into this room, grab this trunk and throw it out the window into the front yard to save it just because there is a lot of stuff in there that can't be replaced.  I might possibly love Steward.  He never lets me down when I just want to reminisce the good ole days.  So last night me and Stewy had a date.  I dusted him off and opened him up, and the laughs began......
See what I mean, packed.  And I don't even like stuffed animals.  I asked my husband why I could have possibly kept this bunny with a pink ribbon around it's neck.  He tried to tell me he gave it to me for our first Easter.  Which was a crazy lie.  I can't remember the last time I got ANYTHING for Easter from this kid.  So bunny went to Stella.  The other bear is a graduation bear from 2001.  The year I graduated grade school.  Ha.  Horrible, I know.  So she stayed.  Oh and the pictures of grade school and high school and the year books.  Ha, gota love yearbooks.  And what people wrote, you have to go back and read what people wrote.  Love it.  Let's continue.
In there we have Molly, my American Girl doll that I bought with my own money.  She was one of the original American Girls.  I can't wait take my daughter to Chicago some day to the store and buy her her frst American Girl.

A ridiculous amount of beanie babies.  Lordy.  Worth absolutely nothing!  Horrible.  I think I might start using them as stocking stuffers for Stella.  hehe.  She won't know, right?!
Oh and hey, two karate belts.  Ha.  Obviously I didn't make it to far before quitting.  Just got a white and yellow belt.  But I do remember kicking a boy in the balls during karate one time.  Whoopies.
Notes from old sports coaches.  This one is from Mr. Ehlers.  He always seems to know the right things to say.
Ha, oh my goodness.  A grade sheet from music contest in grade school.  Ha, I sang Green-Eyed Dragon.  Too funny.  I won't include the score.  It might hurt me someday when I try out that music career.  Baha.  Kidding.

Ahhh, Geraldine's Big Snow.  The first book I ever memorized.  I remember having to do it in 3rd grade.  I love this book.  I think I might read it to Stella during the next big snow.  Which heck, we live in St. Louis, it could quite possibly be tomorrow.  Crazy weather!
Love You Forever, another goodie!  Makes me cry every time.
Tons of old sports awards.  Ha, wow we were young.  I spy my bff, a new Mommy, a Hick, and many more.  Ha, good times!
A baby book my Godmother made full of great pictures.  Who's that little cutie?!!?  lol.
See what I mean, you would go back and grab it too huh?  I think it's about time for Stewy to get a brother because Momma's gotta lot more life to shove in there. 
So what is your most treasured item?!


Heather Rahn said...

OMG...I love Stewy!! I need to get me something that like to pack my crap in. I have one...but it is decorated in some sort of Snoopy wall paper. Pretty hideous but of course I still have it!

Cassie said...

Awww! Hideous, but it means something to you and you would be devistated if you lost it, right?! lol. Love it!

alyssak said...

I have this exact chest in purple! It's somewhere full of stuff at my mom's house yet, haha!

Adrien said...

Oh.My.Gosh. I sang Green Eyed Dragon, too! And you're not going to believe this, but just this weekend I couldn't remember the whole song, so I looked up the lyrics and sang it for the girls. Haha. Weeeird.

Cassie said...

Alyssa - that's so crazy!

Adrien - hahaha, too funny. Ms. Black would be so proud of you!!