Confession Friday

Friday, March 25, 2011

Confession Friday

I confess that I am kind of ridiculously obsessed with the royal wedding coming up.  Dork, I know, but it's so interesting to me.  I could sit and watch that stuff for hours.  I need a life.

I confess that I'm half tempted to buy a shirt that says "I'm not fat, I'm pregnant."  Ugh, I swear I look like I have a gut not a bump and it drives me nuts.  I'm thisclose to wearing spanx every day until I officially have a "bump."

I confess that I keep saying our boys name in my head and I just know he is going to hate us someday for his name.  lol.  It's perfect, covers both sides of the family, but it's funny too.  Ha.  Poor kid.  Hey, at least it's not a name they will mess up every time like Cassie, I mean Kathy.  FML.

I confess that secret blog stalkers drive me nutso.  Come on people, don't be ashamed.  Read my blog and FOLLOW it.  Don't be closet readers.  No one likes a closet reader.

I confess that my husband "said" he could go six months without a truck and I would bet $20 on it that he has a new one by the end of the month.  Men, do they EVER listen?!  I mean come on honey, nothing screams "Dad" like the Focus you drive.  Baha.

I confess that I FINALLY told someone to just back off a little bit, and this week has been SO MUCH LESS stressful.  It's so frustrating when the second someone walks in the door from work their phone ring, if they don't answer it then they get a voicemail, if they don't call back within five minutes, they get a text message, and if they don't respond to the text they call the house.  Whew, wore me out just typing it.  I'm not trying to be mean but sometimes things in life can just wait an hour or two.

I confess that daycare is really getting on my nerves lately.  Come on November!  Or come on God, send me a sign.  I totally know I am "that Mom" at daycare, but sometimes I'm just not happy.  I LOVE her teacher, but sometimes the ladies in the afternoon just make me wana scream!

I confess that I am ONE payment away from paying off my credit card and I just got an e-mail from the company saying, congrats your credit line has been increased.  Greeeattt, nothing like peer pressure.  I will not buy that dress, I will not buy that dress.  Come on DR, give me some will power here baby!

I confess that I have eaten Starbursts Jellybeans for breakfast twice this week.  What baby wants, baby gets.

I confess that when I laugh, sneeze, cough, just about anything lately, I pee a little.  I think this sweet potato is sitting RIGHT on my bladder.


Heather Rahn said...

I confess that I just typed out about 6 confessions and then when I tried to post them I got an error...and I'm just too lazy to type them in.

BUT...I do confess that I am going to be a new mom around 5:30 tonight!!

Meagan said...

Now I REALLY want to know the boy name!

I confess that I spent $49 on just pajamas & a pair of rain boots for Keegan today...but I just LOVE Carter's pajamas!

Cassie said...

Awww yay! And now the omg guess what my dog did - post begin! lol.

Good luck Mommy!!

Katie said...

I confess that I have gone to your blog at least 10 times so far today and everytime said to myself what the hell, Cass! Sorry. I know its kind of an obession.

I ocnfess that Im in a wedding in May that I REALLY REALLY dont want to be in, but never had the guts to tell my friend.

I confess that at times wedding season makes me want to slap someone. Im ready for everyone to be married and done with all this!

I confess that I HATE eating with the people in the office on Fridays. For the last couple weeks I have lied and said I have lunch plans when most fridays I just go eat by myself in my car to get the hell away from everyone here!!!! 3 day weekend!

Cassie said...

bahahaha - tell us how you feel Katie. lol.
Yes, wedding are stressful for everyone. But then it happens and it's over and you are like WTF was I stressed for?!!?
Ha, you eating in your car crack me up. I think that's so weird and you are so cool about it. Too funny.