Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

- Hot dog puke.  Yeah, I know, gross.  Especially at 11:00 last night.
- Hearing your kid puke over the monitors - you just pray she is not laying it in.
- Puke.  How does it manage to just get on everything!
- Baby baths at 11:30 at night.
- Mommy showers at midnight.
- Yeah so let's just say my whole night last night was awkward and I won't be able to look at a hot dog for a very long time.
- Your husband reminding you to wear deodorant because for like the second time ever he read your blog.  Whoops.
- Ordering a new Cardinals shirt from Victoria's Secret and then your little sister telling you a few days later about the one she ordered (do you tell her, it's the same one you just got......)
- Asking the checkout girl at Target if she hates her job because she sure is pissed off about something and taking it out on my groceries.
- My sick obsession with ketchup today.  For some reason I'm craving it.  Like straight out of the packets, I just want to eat it, now!

- Going through the McDonald's drive through to fix my ketchup need and ordering two hash browns and getting extremely fresh ones.  Happy pregnant lady!
- Realizing how comfortable I really am in my own skin and so glad I'm not over the age of 50 and still not able to be myself.  I just couldn't imagine.
- A great friend of mine who is almost at her weight loss goal and looks a.freaking.mazing.  I am so ridiculously proud of her and I know she WILL win!!
- An amazing stroller that Adrien blogged about the other day that I will now be receiving for Christmas.  Thanks Mom, Stella and my unborn child thank you so much!!
- Coupons.  I saved $33 at Target the other night.  $33!!
- My two hour trip to Target alone.  Yes, alone.  No baby, no husband, just me.  Ahhhh, I kinda forgot what that was like.
- People telling you that you have that pregnancy "glow."  Best.compliment.ever.


Meagan said...

*eating more than your husband at supper
*asking the director at the daycare if your child can sit up front and eat their breakfast (from McDonalds) while everyone else is outside playing
*realizing when you get in a fitting room that your zipper is down & not knowing how long it was like that!

*getting a new laptop...even if it isn't as nice as I would of's better than nothing!!
*my MIL saying that she is going to take Keegan on Friday if she isn't working
*Keegan getting up in the middle of the night to go potty and not waking us up

Heather Rahn said...

* Still sticking with my mom this week. She is just doing things that freak me out.
* Asking the tech at the doctors office to scratch your foot cause you can't move for two hours and you are pretty sure there is a spider crawling across you toe.
* Hearing your old ass neighbor lady have sex while you are experiencing a dry spell.

* Remembering to take the hamburger out of the freezer in the morning so it doesn't take 38 hours to thaw out in the pan when you get home.
* Feeling not so old when you hear the karate kid is 49.

Erin said...

I thought you meant hot. dog. puke. Like the dogs puke was hot still....

Cassie said...

Erin - omg no, but that sounds even worse. I'm talking puke with chunks of hot dogs in it.
I'm sure NONE of you will be having hot dogs today. lol.

Heather - omg, i am cracking up about the neighbor comment. You poor thing.

Katie said...

I thought the same thing Erin did. hot. dog puke.
But hot dog puke does have to be the worse puke ever. Logan did that once ALLL over my white carpet. Pink carpet was not disappearing very easily. Sorry for the visual.
I ordered a Cardinal VS shirt too! I wanted 3, but I settled with one.
I love your comment about asking the girl at Target if she hates her job. hahahah

Anonymous said...

in response to your coupon savings: - AWESOME coupons and ways to save lots of $$$....she also lists lots of freebies everyday and giveaways! She has a FB page, even though you are anti-FB right now, OR she does daily emails which are great!

Kim said...

*having to respond to 2 emails and I really don't know what to say to either of them.

*blaring Justin Timberlake-what goes around comes around as loud as it will go and dancing around your living room. :)

*having mommy date night with your bff. food and ice cream. love you! im friggin pumped!

hope Stella feels better!!

Erin said...

hearing the doorbell ring while stripping down my spit up covered kid and running to get it with a naked baby for the mail woman.. then returning to the changing table realizing she wasn't the only one covered in the barf.

actually having a dream I was dating Justin Bieber and having a hard time with the age thing. really?

Waking up the past few mornings soaking wet around the chest area.....

having to tell Brandon the money he gave me to pay off my AE credit card is gone.. for the second time.. and the card is not paid off. yikes. Mommy needed gas?

My BABAY making her North County News debut today.

Not having to pump in the middle of the night!

Thinking I might be able to go out for a few drinks this weekend even though I got a "look" last night when I told Lyla's daddy:) maybe he will just go with me!

oreo cakesters.
drinking mountain dew.
taking ibuprofen.

Nicole said...

someone who comes up to talk to you that has a speak impediment and studders really bad.
when a co-worker goes into the bathroom right after you have dropped the kids off at the pool!

being able to do my grocery shopping during lunch.
Werther's Original
my friends

Kacie said...

AWESOME: Having your awesome friend be so supportive with your weight loss journey...and even blogging about how proud she is:) Thank you!