Confession Friday

Friday, March 11, 2011

Confession Friday

Ugh, it's back.  The flu.  BAD.  My poor sister came over last night to join me and Stella for dinner.  About 20 minutes later we could finally leave the house.  We get to the restaurant and Stella wanted NOTHING to do with her highchair, fun fun, so it was just chaos.  Then our food came.  I took one bite and you could have heard my stomach gurgle from the kitchen.  I was off to the bathroom.  PTL it was just CK.  Trust me, in my younger years I have come to work pretty hungover and blew chunks a time or two in probably every single trash can there.  Thank God I'm like family to these people and almost ten years later they haven't fired me.  Needless to say dinner ended early and we went home.  And it was a lot of time in the bathroom after that.  So far I have kept a bowl of cereal down (or in) this morning, but I just made a small cup of coffee and the gurgling has begun again.  So I just have one thing to say, HEY SICKNESS - GO AWAY!  On to the confessions....

I confess that I have the best bff ever.  She called me at 9:45, this was after she texted me (twice), checked my blog AND called my work and never got an answer.  She ended up resorting to the good ole house phone and finally caught me sawing zzzzzs in bed.  I answered and her first thing was, "Cassie, are you ok?!?!"  lol.  Best bff ever for checking every bit of social media to make sure I was ok.

I confess that I used Stella's Johnson and Johnson Bedtime Bath the other day because I just wanted to relax and it smells soooooo good.  The lavendar gets me everytime.

I confess that my daughter has been falling asleep at like 7:00 every night this week.  An hour or so earlier than normal.  Which was great since I have been sick, but when she wakes up at 2 in the morning and is wide awake for an hour, not great.

I confess that I DO NOT understand the women on the Today's Show that got ambushed this morning for a makeover.  Like really, you would go to the plaza for the Today's Show, with yourself looking like THAT!  No way, HAD to have been set up.

I confess that tomorrow I am getting to go to lunch with some girlfriends for about two hours ALL by myself and I might even sneak in a little pedicure or something.....kinda excited!!

I confess that I do not know how you SAHMs do it.  Stella is at daycare because I needed some sleep.  You SAHMs don't have that option.  Bless your little hearts.  Props to you guys.  Don't know how you do it!

I confess that sometimes it's ok to just let your babies run around nakie.  It makes her happy and it's the cutest thing eva!  Love you baby.
Your turn, confess away.  Any other sickies out there?  Come on, I know I'm not the only one giving TMI....


Heather Rahn said...

I'm over my was food poisoning. Worst pain ever.

I confess that I have been trying to talk myself into walking every night for the past two weeks but I have yet to motivate myself to do it. I think I'm going to have to hang my swim suit up in my living room.

I confess that I have new shoes on today and I love them so I am pointing them out to everyone just to get some compliments.


Meagan said...

Being sick is bad enough plus being prego on top of that makes it tens times worse than normal!! Good for you for taking Stella to daycare!! Get lots of rest & enjoy your alone time...hopefully you get better soon!!

I confess that I have done more already today than I have done in the week that I've been home...I blame the crappy weather for all my laziness!!

I confess that I've been drinking so much coffee lately that I feel like I have coffee breath 24/7...not cool! the new header!

Cassie said...

Thanks guys!
Heather I had food posioning a few years back, and yes, WORST feeling ever!!
I would be the same way with new shoes! YAY!
Meagan I agree, even though I feel like dog dodo, I am cleaning this house like a mad woman and the blinds are pulled all the way up. Loving the sunshine!!

Kim Luke said...

I confess that I was truly worried about you today. and the house phone was my last resort before I drove to Red Bud to check on you! lol

I confess that when you answered the phone, my "Cassie?" sounded so funny because you sounded like a 90 year old woman on her deathbed!! I felt sooo bad for you!!!

I confess that I absolutely love your new blog header. that picture of Abbie is the cutest picture EVER!!!! lol
will you make me one?? the program that you gave me was on my laptop that is now shot! :(

Hope you feel better for the playdate Sunday!! love you!