Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Trying something new around my part of town.  Awkward and Awesome Thursday.  It's kinda like if Confession Friday and It's Ok Thursday got married and had a baby.  Kinda.  Maybe.  Anyways, I am being a copy cat from Sydney and her cute cute blog.  Seriously, I kinda want to be this girl.  She has some serious style and a TON of stuff going for her.  Just plain fab and I'm just plain jelly.  Anyways, so it's a wrap up of the weird and kinda cool things that have happened to me in the past week.  So we will see how it goes.  And don't forget to add your awkwardness and awesomeness from the week to play along.  Everyone loves a team player.  Well, at least everyone here does.  So here we go:

- First off, just the word in itself.  Seriously, awkward is the most awkward word to spell.
- Driving home after work one day this week, blaring my horn at the car in front of me for driving like an idiot, finally getting the chance to pass, and realizing that the person looks EXACTLY like a co-worker of yours.  YIKES!  Don't make eye contact, don't make eye contact......
- Thinking that you might have given the flu to a good majority of the office.
- Forgetting to put on deodorant not once, but twice this week.  And yes, one day I swore I could smell myself.  I even had to ask someone else if they could smell me.
- Totalling up the amount of student loan debt I still have.  Ugh, one more credit card to pay off and then and I'm gona blow through student loan payments.  Fingers crossed.
- Someone putting candy in the candy jar on my desk themselves.  I think it was a hint saying, dude, buy some candy you haven't had any on your desk in weeks.
- Finding out the fishing trip you told your husband he could go on is the same weekend as Mother's Day......after he already paid for the trip.  In full.

- Having breakfast at work on Wednesday.  Fresh pancakes, sausage, eggs, fruit toppings.  I love my job.
- Still being able to fit in some of my pants.  YAY!!
- Having enough gift cards to the nail place to get a pedicure, a wax, and leave a tip.  Which means I paid nothing for two hours of relaxation (ok, minus the wax part, not really relaxing).
- Meal planning.  I have had the last two nights meals basically cooked and almost ready to go. Just a little heating and mixing and wa-la, dinner in 15 minutes.
- Going on walks with my daughter.  She LOVES her stroller.  She just kicks back, let's the wind blow through her hair and just smiles the whole time.  : )
- This weather.  PTL.  Finally.  I love it!!
- Having a date night planned for this weekend.  Enough said.  Just plain awesome.


Jeroen and Mirella Schulte said...

I don't know what confession friday is, so I don't know what this means.

Yeah I'm really dutch LOL

Heather Rahn said...

*Trying to come to terms with the fact that your ex boyfriends uncle is practically living with your newly divorced mother.
*Trying not to stare at the girl in your office that is starting to grow a mustache and then running to the mirror every 2 hours to see if yours is starting to grow in.

*Discovering I wasn't the only one to forget deodorant this week.
*Knowing that in 3 and a half hours I will be opening up my fridge and popping the top on an ice cold beer (sorry all you pregnant people).

Ashley Mitchell said...

Cassie said...

hahahahaha - omg too funny.
I just recently started waxing my lip. the craziest feeling in the whole entire world but it has boosted my confidence by like 87%. lol.
so now i totally judge people with hair on their lip. lol. horrible. i know.
ahhhhh, a beer sounds AMAZING.

ek! good luck with the uncle. NOT cool. i would LOVE to know how exactly your mother broke this news to you......

Kacie said...

1. Knowing you are judging me by my upper lip since I do not get it waxed!
2. Having headphones in while working out and lip singing to myself, while others stare thinking I am talking to myself.

1. Getting to babysit Stella while her mom and dad have a date night.
2. Hoping this babysitting will boost my baby wanting!

Katie said...

*Im with Kacie-judging me bc I dont get my upper lip waxed. Although I have thought about it before, but then I always think that it will grow back in like your eyebrows. And THAT would not be a good look!
*Having to pee sooo bad, trying to hover over the toilet and your shoe KILLING your foot all at the same time. I thought I was going to fall in the toilet.

*Having much needed girl time with different groups of friends lately.
*My boss not being at work today or tomorrow! Thank you college basketball.

Heather Rahn said...

Hahaha...this post is killing me. I don't wax my upper lip but now I think I might need too...every time I go to get my eyebrows waxed the little Chinese lady always says "We wax lip too?". I need to know how it grows back though. I don't want to be going there every 5 days because I have eyebrow type hair protruding from my lip because I waxed it off.

Jeroen and Mirella said...

I also do not wax my upper lip, but I have really light hair on it.
When I got married I let my armpits waxed, I got a few days after terrible rash.
(I hope I say everything wright because my english is terrible, that's why I have my blog in english, I want to learn it again because I love it!)

@Heather I think if you wax your upper lip it will be away for a few weeks.

Cassie said...

hahahaha - i never thougt i would get so much attention about lip waxing!
ok, i was SUPER scared the first time. but after the 349683948 time having the chinese lady tell me, 'wax lip too' and making me feel like i have a stache, i just said sure. it was the craziest feeling EVER, but i am in LOVE.
i too thought omg, omg, it's going to come back black or something. but not at all. i think i get it done about every other month and it's awesome.
come on, do it!!!!!!

Kacie said...

The attention is because for those of us that do not wax our lip...we now know you are judging us! LOL :)

Cassie said...

Come on now, I don't judge people....never ever.