What A Day!

Monday, February 21, 2011

What A Day!

I'm sure everyone is so excited to hear how Friday went.  However..........I had to sign this piece of paper saying I will not blog about this experience.  There were a couple other things I couldn't do either, but once I saw blog, I freaked.  Really?  Like are you going to google every single person's name and see what comes up?  So I am going to do my best to try not to cross the lines of the legal document I signed and refer to the character as Nancy.  I mean, she looks like a Nancy right?  Bahaha.  Kidding.  Ok, so Nancy was SUPER cool.  Wayyyyyy more laid back than I EVER would have thought.  Heck she even freaking came out on stage barefoot with her shoes in her hand.  Of course someone had to come out and help Nancy put her shoes on.  Yes, some one's job is to put Nancy's shoes on.  Hello, I will take that job!  Anyways, Nancy was great.  She thanked everyone for coming and was just so sweet.  She explained how the show was going to go and then we got started.  The guest came out.   She's so little, but hilarious and quite the lady.  So they did their thing and it was just so nonchalant.  So laid back.  Nothing like I expected.  Then they wrapped it up and we had a little question and answer with Nancy and her guest.  Then her guest was all done and Nancy was left.  She got up and personally thanked everyone for coming, making time in their day, taking off work, all that jazz.  It was like, wow, how nice!!  It was a great experience and something I am super excited to say I have done!

Ok, so let's see how Daddy's day went.  Remember, he was put on "Mommy" duty.  Just him and Stella.  Eeee, yes, I know, you guys are nervous too  So on Wednesday I had to leave work early because Stella had a 102 fever.  So I get her, get home and she is fine.  Just a little sleepy.  So she goes back to daycare the next day.  Thursday I get a call around 4:00 saying she has a fever again and needs to be picked up.  Luckily Josh gets off at 4, so he was there within the hour to get her.  He gets her home and she is super clingy.  He plays cards on Thursday nights at 7:00 in Evansville and he is a shower freak.  Like takes multiple showers a day.  Yeah like takes a shower to go get dirty.  I know, it drives me freaking crazy.  So by 6:15 he hasn't had a shower yet, so I could only imagine how he is.  Probably sweating.  The baby sitter is supposed to be there by 6:30 and well doesn't show up until 6:55.  YIKES!  So I get a call at 7:10 from the ever so happy husband livid that he is not playing cards yet.  Nothing I could do.  But I felt horrible.  So Friday we get up and go to the show.  I have to turn my phone off so from about 8:30 - 12:00 my phone is off.  I get out of the show and turn my phone on.  I have a voicemail from daycare saying Stella has a 102 fever again and needs to be picked up.  So I called Josh, he has to leave work to get her.  I make her a doctor's appointment since it's the third day in a row with a 102 fever, so he has to take her to the doctor (1st time he has EVER done this), and then of course the doctor calls in a prescription for her, so he has to go to the pharmacy to pick that up.  Needless to say, when I got home he was tired and cranky!!  All I could say was, "Now you know how being a Mommy is.  It's hard work.  And now you know why I am tired and cranky sometimes."  He had nothing to say back.  I guess Mommy won't be going out of town anytime soon.  And if so, looks like Stella will be staying at my Mom and Lacie's house.......ugh.


Adrien said...

Hehe...thanks for sharing in code! That's so much fun!

And, ugh, men! I feel like I never get time to myself, and when I do, it's made into SUCH a big deal to leave Eric alone with the girls for more than an hour or so. I feel like I'm constantly saying, "Now you know how it is!"

Cassie said...

yep!! someday (hopefully) they will get it.