Let's See Here......

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Let's See Here......

It's Tuesday and you know what that means, I'm uber boring.  Woohoo.  So on to a bunch of rambling. 
  • I am currently wearing all black today to hide my "bump" that really just looks like a gut.  Ugh.  So not cute.  And because I refuse to wear maternity pants just yet (only two more weeks).  And yes, I wear all black a lot.  Like probably once a week or AT LEAST once every two weeks.
  • My daughter pulled a MAJOR first last night and poopied in the tub.  Yeah, gross.  It all just happened so fast.  She made "the face" and before I could turn to grab a towel, BAM, three floaties.  I screamed, she started crying, Josh came running in and then I made him fish them out.  Ha, all in all it was pretty hilarious but fingers crossed it never happens again.
  • I am seriously considering giving up Facebook for Lent.  I really think I can do it.  I might even delete the app on my blackberry.  I truly believe I can go 40 days without Facebook.  And no, I'm not going to cheat and get on it on Sundays.  Nah.  I'm going to hold strong.  We will see.  Shoot it might even give me something to blog about.
  • My bedroom STILL is not done.  And it's totally all my fault.  Last night I was sleeping on the couch at 8:15.  Horrible.  The dresser is fully primiered downstairs and that's as far as it has got.  So the longer I put my room off, the longer we put off getting Stella a big girl room, and right now we are at about t minus five and a half months to get ALL of this done.  Whoops.
  • The highlight of my night tonight is that The Real Housewives of Miami starts!!  Love me some real housewives.  However, the real highlight of my night should be that my sister is in town.  I am really looking forward to seeing you Danielle, I promise.......
  • Even though I am anti maternity pants right now I scored an amazing deal online at Old Navy yesterday.  I got one pair of jeans, three pairs of jean shorts and one pair of jean capris all for $94.  That's like $18 a pair.  And usually anything maternity is like $30 or more.  I was stoked!!
  • I am totally thinking about country-fying it up on Thursday night at the Miranda Lambert concert.  Like cute little sundress and some cowboy boots.  Ha, my St. Louis friends will be so proud.  And really because right now, wearing a dress sounds soooooo much more comfortable than any of the jeans I am trying to squeeze my ass into lately.
  • And I am going to say this again for like the 1938523908 times, Waterloo needs a St. Louis Bread Co like something fierce!  Right there where the old Wilson's used to be and then that Italaian resturant that is miserably trying to make it in Red Bud.  Seriously, gag.  Anyways, that is like the PERFECT location for one.  Outside seating and everything.  You know, by the Schnucks.  Someone, please, google "Waterloo needs a Bread Co." and read this and make it happen!!!!
  • I am crazily addicted to Arnold Palmers.  Like crazy.  I just discovered that they actually had a name like a month ago.  I thought it was just half tea half lemonande and I always felt weird asking for it at fancy places, but now I can sound all kinds of fancy and ask ever so polietly for an Arnold Palmer.
Ok, that's it.  I'm going to go back to being boring.


Heather Rahn said...

I thought about giving up Facebook permanently. I mean, I have my blog...what else do I need?

And I totally agree about the Bread Co...but I think Red Bud needs it WAY more even though I live in Waterloo. There is nothing to eat down here in the sticks for lunch.

Katie said...

This St. Louis friend thinks you should definitely "country-fy" it up to the concert on Thursday. I dont have cowboy boots, but if I did I would wear them!! Just remember about my weather report I gave for Thursday night. I think a sundress might need a little cardigan or something with it. Hey just looking out for ya!!

My boss drinks Arnold Palmers pretty much every day. Im not a tea fan, but hes convinced I will love it anyway. I have not tried this amazing drink yet.

Cassie said...

OH god, you HARDLY taste the tea. It's just the perfect pair. No joke. Shit you tried Cod for God's sake, try an Alrnold Palmer. lol.
Ha, yes I will wear a jean jacket to make it even more country. lol.

Ha, no no no Bread Co in Red Bud. No one will come eat at CK, I'm not ready for that yet. South County is too far to drive, Waterloo is just perfect!! Write about it in your column soon!!

Heather Rahn said...

Ohhh...I have a column due on Monday...I'll have to write about it then. Or I could write about Blog Girls Night Out.

Meagan said...

1. Keegan has done that to me twice in his life....so gross!

2. I've been hoping for a post on the bedroom almost every day...can't wait to see the finished product!

3. Thanks for the RH reminder!

Heather...let's wait and see how the blog girls night out unfolds and then you can determine whether or not to write about it in your column!!

Ashley Mitchell said...

Heather! How dare you pick Red Bud having the Bread Co. over Waterloo! Shame on you! We NEED one.

Meagan said...

Oh...and at least you have a bunch of random stuff to talk about! Me, I did a post on my curtains!! Talk about living a boring life!! lol