Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I have nothing to write about.  Zero, zilch, nada.  I am uber boring this week.  I didn't make any cute Valentine's Day things, I don't read books, I haven't bought anything new recently to rave about and I haven't taken a picture of my cutie pootie in a few days.  So you are just going to get a bunch of randomness from me.  Enjoy!

Yesterday we made the switch from HTC's DirecTV to their new Ultimate Entertainment.  And, drum roll please, we have DVR.  Hello 2011 and finally getting DVR.  Geesh.  AND even cooler, we got all this new stuff and our bill STILL dropped by $40.  Swwwweeeettt.  So here's to hoping it's as good as they say it is.  So far so good!

My cousin came over last night with her 6 week old son.  Needless to say, we got a dose real quick of how Stella is going to be when we bring home her new "sister."  She was really good when Kelly brought him in.  She stood by me and we looked and oooo-ed and ahhhhh-ed over him.  Then I said to her, "Can Mommy hold the baby?"  She could care less - until he was in my arms.  She had to be right next to me pulling on my leg like hey, that's my Mommy.  Uh oh.  Then Josh held him and she was glued between his legs.  She did touch him a few times, VERY gently, but she wanted him out of her Daddy's hands so she could be there.  Let's just say August/September is going to be interesting.......

I haven't even begun to think about what I am going to wear on Friday to the show.  Horrible.  But I refuse to buy something new.  Really, no need.  However, they say bright colors look best.  Not sure if you noticed but I pretty much wear black 75% of the time.  When I wear a bright color people are like - woah.  So watch carefully, I may just be the only person in the audience wearing a black shirt.  They will probably kick me out.  FML.

I have made a pack with myself to NOT wear maternity pants until I'm 4 months pregnant.  Right now I am still in my normal Express pants, but they are getting a bit tight.  I have 3 and a half weeks to go.  Let's see if I can hold out!

A girl from college that I have kept in contact with has been trying to have a baby for about two years.  Shots, pills, injections, you name it.  I have been praying for her like crazy.  They recently decided to back away from the medical side of it and look into adoption.  They spent many nights filling out all of the paper work.  Made their deposit and a week later, she found she was pregnant!!!!  YAY!!  God is good!!  I am over the moon excited for them!

We recently got invited to a baby shower from someone we all were totally shocked to be invited too.  But it was cute.  I was surprised that we made the list.  And it made me think how much a baby does really change you for the better.
Unless you are Janelle from Teen Mom.  What in the world is wrong with that girl?

My bff is going to have a baby!!  Eeeeeeeeee!!  Yay!  We are a little over a month apart.  I am stoked!!  And yes, everyone has made their comments that we did this on purpose and awww, how cute bffs pregnant together.  Well, boo to you.  No we did not, and you have no idea what goes on behind closed doors.  So mind your own business.

I think that's about it.  I will stop boring you with my ridiciously uneventful life. 
Any randomness you want to share or need to vent about something......be my guest.


Heather Rahn said...

You think your week has been boring...wait til you see my next post. Talk about reaching.

Wear a shirt that says "I HEART RED BUD" on Friday. You will totally stand out.

Adrien said...

How did I miss the post that you're going to the OPRAH SHOW?? Cool! Clearly your life isn't uneventful! Okay...now I have to go clean a closet and think about how jealous I am. :)

Meagan said...

Why do you think I haven't posted all week...I got nothing remotely exciting or blog worthy going on...unless you consider haivng Subway for a "romantic" Valentine's dinner or me & Keegan watching tv while Ryan was out bowling last night.

Good idea Heather!!

Cassie said...

Heather - I totally have a I Heart Red Bud shirt. lol. I love mine! But sorry doubt I will wear it to the Oprah show. I'm sure I could class it up with a Kim Kardashion blazer or something. lol.

Ha, Meagan don't worry I ate Valetine's Day dinner alone because my husband dropped of our tax stuff and what was supposed to take 5 minutes was an hour and a half later.