Grammy Love

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Grammy Love

I'm sure many of you tuned in for the Grammys on Sunday night. I would have to say, one of the better ones recently. Minus the crazy mess that was Bob Dylan. Geesh, I don't think I understood a single word he said.  But I did kind of like that Mumford and Sons.  Might have to go google them.  I loved the way it started off. I love me some Jennifer Hudson (her new WW bod rocks) and some Martina McBride. I totally could have done without crazy Christina Aguleria, lordy that girl is a train wreck, did you see her fall down after the performance? And not to be mean but she has kinda packed on the pounds lately. Or maybe she is expecting and I just didn't see that memo. Eeee, not cute. Anyways, I am pretty much a country girl when it comes to music but here and there I get addicted to some new stuff.  Like the Biebs.  Man oh man, that kid is going to be the next Michael Jackson.  Minus the skin color change and the 85 nose jobs.  No joke.  Talent.  And the way he dances, and that Smith kid too, and then add Usher.  Lordy I had to hold myself down in my chair so I didn't get up and bust a move.  Of course my girl Miranda rocked it too.  I'm kinda over that song, but I will never be over her.  And then Cee-Lo and Gwyneth.  Favorite performance of the night by far!!  I was literally up signing and dancing.  Loved it!  And we can not forget the Gaga. Man do I love me some Gaga. I think I have listened to her new song about 74 times since Sunday.  However when I listen to it my shoulders kind of hurt because man oh man, what in the world did she do there with those pointy things. Ouch. And in her forehead too. But nonetheless, great performance. Of course I can't talk about Lady Gaga without the infamous jokes:

Q. How do you wake up Lady Gaga in the morning? A. Poke her face (Poker Face, get it?) Bahhaha.
Q. How does Lady Gaga like her meat? A. Raw raw raw raw. Bahahaha, ok, ok, I'm done.

Anyways, I was happy for Lady A, supporting the country side of things by taking home some huge wins, but ugh, that girl I just don't like her. Idk, and those bangs. And that new Hello World, geesh, slit my wrist.

But all in all I was happy and in a super good mood the whole time I watched it.   I just love music. Someday I will be up on that stage. Ugh, if I can just find the balls to do it. Eeee, scared!!
And just because I'm still singing this will leave you with the performance video

Gotta go, I have a Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Usher, Cee-Lo CD to make!