Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

Not to be Debbie Downer on this cold ass Monday morning, but I am.  My weekend consisted of four bloody noses, a head cold, runny nose, puffy eyes with green goop constantly coming out, not being able to wear my contacts, having to wear glasses around an 11 month old (good times), and not much sleep.  Ugh.  The bedroom is finally painted and it looks great, but that's as far as it has got.  I think we are just worn out and need a break and we have 23402948 things on our mind and going on right now.  This whole tough love thing with Stella is HARD.  I am not being good about it, but neither is she.  Friday night I thought heck, it's Friday night she can stay up as late she was wants.  Come about 9:00 she's cranky and being a drama queen, so I thought no, I am just going to put her in her bed and let her cry it out.  Ten minutes later I was in her room to get her.  Brought her to the chair where she had a bottle and back to bed she went.  She slept pretty good that night.  Saturday we attended a birthday party and I forgot to pack the essentials.  A bottle and juice.  Do you realize the panic that comes over you when you get to the party and realize this?!  Not cool.  She did well, but you sure could tell when it was time for her wanting her bottle.  It was quite the fun car ride home.  And man oh man did I feel like a bad Mom.  Doesn't help with Dad says, well, I didn't pack the back so don't blame me.  Oh yes sorry, I forgot I am supposed to remember EVERYTHING by myself.  Oh well, we survived.  Got home and Stella napped for a good hour then it was off to another birthday party.  We were home around 8:30 and of course, ready for awhole different routine again.  Stella got changed into her jammies, I gave her a bottle and then she was out.  I laid her in her bed and she out, until about 2:00.  The up again.  So I made a bottle, she drank it all, fell asleep, I went to put her in her bed and World War III broke loose.  It was like she knew the feeling of being laid down.  Like it pained her or something.  It was crazy.  So I took her back to the recliner where she could not get comfortable at all.  I walked to our bed to try to lay there, again, not working.  So I held her and walked around the house, and that was the only thing that would calm her down.  I thought maybe it was a bad dream, but nope, her eyes were wide open.  So once she was calmed down I went to sit back down, and there it was again.  Tears galore.  Oh yes honey, just what I want to be doing, walking around the house for hours at 2:00 in the morning.  But anything for my baby.  She was finally asleep and I went to lay her down, hello WW-4.  So to the recliner we went and that's where I ended up the whole night.  Is she playing me?  Maybe?  But ugh, it hurts me so bad when she can't sleep.  Sunday I worked at CK and had two people ask me if I went out last night.  I replied with no, I have a cold and my kid won't sleep.  I pretty much looked at myself 23490809 times in the mirror that day and thought man, do I really look that bad?  Geesh.  Came home and Stella was in a pretty good mood.  We all chilled around the house for awhile and then I got word that my bff made some puppy chow and I was headed her way in no time.  And besides, Stella hadn't seen her boyfriend in a few weeks anyways and we need to run to the store.  So we hung out with them for awhile.  Landon sure it a wild child lately.  I think he was in four time outs in the hour we were there.  lol.  He sure is a boy.  Stella literally just looked at him like, you are a wild man!!  Once we left there and got to the store panic set up, we left the binky at Kim's house.  Seriously, right then and there I wanted to be like fine, I don't care.  Bye bye binky.  But I didn't and I called Kim asking her if she found it.  She did.  So back to her house we went.  Ugh, there we go again my life being revolved around a damn binky.  I know I know, I create my own problems.  Trust me, I tell myself this all the time.  The binky and bedtime, ALL my own fault.  And of course last nights bed time wasn't much fun either.  Josh got up with her around 3:00 or so, she took a bottle and he put her back in her bed, where WW 5 broke out.  He left her cry it out.  Which was hard and like fifteen minutes long, but she went back to sleep.  This morning I went in to get her ready for daycare only to find a scratch on her nose and lip.  I guess she got pretty pissed off having to cry herself to sleep, and of course that made me feel even worse.  Let's hope this is just a phase or let's hope I get some strength sometime soon.  I guess this is God paying us back for telling everyone in the beginning how great of a sleeper we have.  Anyone wana come over and baby sit for a night?!?!  Just kidding.  I promise to tell Debbie to beat it today and hopefully regular Cassie is back tomorrow!  Hope you all had a good weekend.


Heather Rahn said...

Wow. That exhausted me just reading it. Sounds like you need some down time. Suggestion? Take Stella to grandpa for a night and take refuge in a hotel room for a while. Don't stay home cause you'll just clean or paint or craft. Get a room in Waterloo at the Super 8 and watch movies and get take out. I do that and I live alone. It always feels like a mini vacation even if it is just overnight in the same town.

Katie said...

Awww poor Stella and momma!! Hope you feel better and hope the sleeping situation gets better for her. I remember walking around at night with Logan when he would have an ear infection or a double ear infection and his momma would forget to send medicine. Poor little guy!!! Its exhausting though. You just want to at least SIT down, but they dont like that idea.

Cassie said...

Heather- great idea! Red Bud Motel here I come.

Katie - I feel your pain sister!