Shhh, it's a Secret

Friday, January 7, 2011

Shhh, it's a Secret

Ok, I know how much everyone LOVES secrets. 
Well, you are going to be addicted to this site. 
Like crack addicted.  No joke.  I know I am. 
You gotta check it out, but make sure you have like an hour of free time. 
Good thing is though it just started January 1st so we haven't missed out on too many secrets.
Some of these secrets will surprise the heck out of you.
Some will educate you.
Some may just give you support.
Some may make you cry.
Some may be your secret too.
Whatever it is, I think it's perfect and just what every girl needs, a place to tell/talk about her secrets!


Heather Rahn said...

Dude...that was so super depressing! I'm sitting at my desk on my lunch hour practically sobbing for all of the women with cancer and miscarriages!

Cassie said...

Ok yeah some are super sad, but some are kinda funny, and some are like OMG - I could not imagine. Like having the husband with the porn problem. OMG, poor lady!