Confession Friday

Friday, January 7, 2011

Confession Friday

PTL - it's FINALLY Friday.  I know I haven't done one of these in for.eva, and I know I say that every single time I do a Confession Friday.  Oh well.  Maybe one of my new years resolutions will be to always do a confession Friday?!!?  Idk, we will see how that goes.....I have never really been too good with follow through.  Which brings me to my first confession:

I confess that our goal was to have our bedroom re-done (or is it re-did, idk) by the end of January and we have not even started.  Haven't done a single thing, and it's driving me CRAZY!!  I wanted to do a room a month but it looks like it might be one room every two months.  Oh well, I just hope it gets done.

I confess that I am trying to find a cute zebra-ish shirt to wear to Stella's birthday party.  Corny?  Probably, but I don't care.  lol.

I confess that I get super embarrassed when I have to pay for my Sweet Tea with my debt card.  Like really?  If I don't have $1.10 in change, do I really need this sweet tea?!?!

I confess that I paid off one of my big credit cards last month and just got a bill in the mail yesterday that had interest of $2.17 charged on it.  WTF!  How can you charge interest on a zero balance?  Guess which card is getting cancelled and cut up today?!?!  Bye bye pretty red Macy's card, f-you and your $2.17.

I confess that I haven't washed my daughter's bed sheets in probably two months and it grosses me out hard core.  I just totally forget about it until I go to lay her down every night.  I mean I wash my own sheets every other week, how can I forget hers?  Bad Mom, I know.

I confess that my daughter now mimics the dog.  lol.  If the dog is under the table, Stella goes under the table.  It's cute, but the day I catch her IN the dog kennel, not gona be cute  Gross!!

I confess that I am eating my words soooooooo bad.  When my bff had her baby I said, my kids are NOT going to be binky babies and boy oh boy is my baby a binky baby.  UGH!!  I HATE IT!!  My life seriously revolves around a freaking binky!!  Just last night I was cleaning up her toys while Josh was getting her ready for bed and after all of the toys were picked up we couldn't find the binky!!  Ahhh, panic!  So out came all of the toys again JUST to find a freaking binky.  I hate it!!  I say it's going to be gone when she turns one, we will see how well that works.

I confess that this morning I was putting on Stella's shoes and realized that they are getting tight.  What in the world?  She has had these shoes for like a month.  Wow, note to self, don't spend too much money on baby shoes, they only wear them for a month.  Geesh!  Guess I need to make another stop at payless tonight.

I confess that I have a HUGE secret (again) but it is going to have to wait just ONE MORE week.  I will confess it in next Friday's confessions, if I remember to do a confession post.  Promise, I will try my best.


Heather Rahn said...

I confess that since I'm not dating anyone right now, the hair on my legs could probably hold my socks up. TMI?

I confess I tell myself I am being healthy by having coffee in the morning instead of my 32 oz of soda...but about a quarter of my coffee cup is creamer and sugar.

Cassie said...

Ha, hey I hear ya on the coffee! My rule is, it has to be lighter than my skin! So many people say, would you like some coffee with that cream and sugar?!!? lol.
But then I say to myself, I am truly a grown up when I can drink my coffee straight black, so that's a life goal of mine. I know, dumb as hell. lol.

Meagan said...

I confess that I have all of my Christmas stuff out still but Ryan won't let me turn the outside lights on anymore because no one else has theirs on...or up for that matter! But in my defense we are having a white elephant Christmas party tomorrow and you can't have a Christmas party without Christmas decorations!!

Heather...I'm married and my legs are the same way! I think Ryan's exact words the other day were "when was the last time you shaved those things, they are starting to look like man legs" HAHAHA

Anonymous said...

I confess I am the same way with Kaylas bed sheets and the passy! I hate the passy but it keeps me sane right now. But it will be gone by her 2nd birthday, I hope!

I confess I am so excited for jan 15! End of hunting season!

I confess I have not cooked diner in over a week! I will change that tonight!

Also children's place is having there monster sale! Great prices to stock up for next winter! You can also get an additional 15% off with coupon code UPROMISE1C! And $5 flat shipping!

This is not a confession but thought I would share. Childrens place is have there monster sale! Great prices for winter clothing to stock up for next year! You can also get an additional 15% off with coupon code UPROMISE1C! And 5$ flat shipping!

Adrien said...

Hahaha, the pacifier saves OUR sanity. I said that I wanted it gone by Evie's first birthday, too, but then I realized that would be cruel since Grace was coming along and I'd be bumping Ev off the boob. :) I confess that I'm dreading the day we try to wean her of it.

P.S...I saw a zebra printed lamp shade in Dollar General of all places last night and it made me think of you. :)

Erin said...


I confess that I am really nervous for my shower on Sunday. I am scared I will get a whole bunch of stuff I want but nothing I need.. I know, stupid. But I am horrible at acting like I love presents when I don't!! (man I sound like a spoiled brat)

I confess that I have been really really bored this first week of not working at all.. (DO NOT tell Brandon) and it kinda got depressing. BUT it totally beats having to see negative people every single day that only talk bad about everyone they know!

I confess I only have a little over a month left and I still don't know if I am going to breast feed. AND I have never seen the hospital or even been to a hospital when someone had a baby. Clueless. yep.

I confess that I really wish I could talk Brandon into a different name for baby. Even though I love the name we picked I love a couple others SO MUCH too.

I confess it's noon and I haven't brushed my teeth yet.

Cassie said...

Adrien - I need to go to Dollar General asap. Thanks for the heads up! And off the boob, ha, I laughed out loud. I have always wanted to ask you about Evie's binky situation but I didn't know the right way to say it. I didn't want to be like why does your baby still have a binky?! Ya know?

Erin - GO TAKE A TOUR!! And RELAX. I know it's soooooooo hard to do but EVERYONE is clueless with their first baby. I had no idea how to even change Stella's diaper until I watched the nurse AT the hospital. You will amaze yourself at how much you just catch on and just figure it out. You will be a great Mommy!!
Oh and now I'm sure scared that you are going to hate my gift. lol.

Erin said...

bah haha. I know how to change a diaper but I don't know anything about ointment or powder or anything! I'll figure it out. She'll still love me. lol. I am sure I will love your gift!! AND you just had a baby so I know you won't give me anything ridiculous! ahaha.

Katie said...

I confess that I also go a long period of time without shaving my legs. I actually did last week sometime and Andy made a comment that he loves when I shave my legs. hahah Its pretty bad when he has to say that. Hey it helps keep me warm!

I confess that I hate when people yawn and dont cover their mouth, but I dont remember the last time I covered my mouth when I yawn.

I confess that I dont usually let my car run when its cold out, but tell Andy I do. (dont tell him!!!)

I confess that my Christmas tree is still up. I HATE that it is, but I hate even more the process of taking it down.

I love confession fridays. I feel so much better about myself. hahahah

Oh and I dont like that you have a secret. I NEED TO KNOW!!

Cassie said...

hahaha - oh Katie, I love all your little secrets from Andy. Too funny. Good thing is I'm sure Andy has NO IDEA what a blog is so your secrets are super safe! lol.

Heather Rahn said...

My sister got what has to be the all time most random and weird shower present. It didn't have a card attached and we never found out who gave it to her or why, but she got this shoe box, and inside of the shoe box there were all of these tiny, plastic, naked babies glued to the bottom. I was convinced someone put a voodoo curse on her and she was going to have however many babies were glued to that damn shoe box...which, if I recall correctly, were 20 or so. So just remember, however many diaper genies and snot suckers you get, it could be worse :)

Kim said...

I confess that my car is so dirty and i really want to clean it out.. i just never have time when Landon isnt up my butt!

I confess that I love love love being a stay at home mom. I feel very selfish because Im not helping on the money end of the deal right now.. But I am eating up this time I have at home!

I confess I have gained 3 pounds this month because I started drinking regular soda again instead of Diet. yep, no more!!!!!!!!!

I confess that I have a secret, And I can't wait to tell people just because I am so happy! :)

I confess that I am a bad blogger. I just got bored with it, So i stopped. and my BFF complains about it all the time. ( yes, you Cassie.