She Works Hard for the Money

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

She Works Hard for the Money

so hard for it honey.....
Ok, that's enough.
This is my blog about my life and well, I'm gona be bitchy for a second.
I didn't grow up in a house where Mommy and Daddy handed me 20s every time I wanted to go out, I didn't drive a fancy brand new car and I didn't sit at home while all my friends worked.
I have had paying job since I was 15.  I brought my first car and if I ever wanted to go anywhere or do anything I was the one who had to come up with the money.
And I would not change that for the world.
It taught me so much and it has made me who I am today.
Everything I have, I worked for, I earned or I bought.  Not much has anyone just "given" to me and truthfully I don't take things being just "given" to me well.  Not like presents and all that jazz, just stuff.  Like yeah it's nice, I appreciate it, but I think, do you think I can't afford this on my own so you are doing it for me?
Anytime I have ever been in a financial struggle I "make it work."  I do without until I am out of it. 
I "live like no one else" according to DR.
Just recently someone close to me has been going through a financial struggle.  And a close person to them is now just "randomly paying them" for something that happened in the past.  WHAT!  No, what does this teach this person, who is grown up enough to know how to handle his/her finances.  It teaches them nothing!!  This person isn't eating rice and beans for dinner and walking to work.  They are doing fine.  Clothes on their backs, gas in their car and food on their table.  They truthfully just need to take a closer look at their life and the way they spend money and have a come to Jesus that the shit just doesn't grow on trees and not every one has someone who can just "write them a check."
If anyone EVER tried to do that to me I would feel like I owe them back PLUS some. 
I would NEVER EVER want that feeling. 
I have been on my own pretty much since right after high school.  I was going to go away to college and dropped out two weeks prior for reasons I don't choose to go into.  I moved to St. Louis to go to school and got a job right away.  I was on my own completely.  About a year later I graduated, moved in with a boy and had a full time job.  The parents didn't approve of my life then and so I was still on my own.  That train wreck lasted for about three months and I moved into my own apartment in Waterloo.  Still on my own and struggling.  If I had to pay rent and it left me with pennies to spare, well I just didn't go out.  A roof over my head or a wild night out?  Not to hard to answer.  There came a point about a year later where I had to 'stay' with some people because of my job situation and I was miserable.  I have never felt so low in my whole entire life.  I was ashamed.  I was better than that.  I was depending on someone else and I had never done that ever in my life.  I cried and prayed every day for a change.  In just a few short months I bought my first house! 
I thank my parents (maybe not out loud) for the way they raised me. I NEVER want to be dependent on someone.  If I can't get it myself I will do without or save until I can get it.
I cringe at the thought of what is about to take place to this person and I am sad for them.  I hope they make the best of it and I  pray for a turn in their path to life.  Money DOES NOT and WILL NOT ever buy love or happiness.

P.S.  I saw a lady at Walgreen's yesterday using coupons.  Her total was $32 and some change.  After her coupons it was down to just at $15.  I was impressed.  I watched her leave and walk to her Volvo SUV and I couldn't help buy smile.  Good for her.  That lady may have more than enough money for her Volvo but she still uses coupons and just cut her bill in half.  I'm sure she's not dependent on anyone and worked HARD for her money.  She isn't ashamed to "live like no one else, so she can LIVE like no one else."  I can't wait for that day!


Adrien said...

You have no idea how close to home this hits, but I can't elaborate or I might get in trouble, haha. It's not fair how some are bailed out again and again while others work their butts off. But I totally agree with you. The life lessons Eric and I have learned are FAR better than getting a handout.

Cassie said...

EXACTLY! You learn to appreciate everything you have WAY more when YOU earned it, then when someone just gives it to you. It just blows my mind. And shame on the them.

When we have our (paid for) Volvos we can go couponing together!! lol.

Nicole said...

This is too ironic because I got a compliment from someone this morning on how I must really show how hard I try for my "things" in life. I told them thank you but said that I don't know any different, that is how I was raised. I wouldn't trade it in a million years. I look at others that hurt far worse than I do in what I would consider small matters and I think to myself "boy are they in a world of hurting when something really big happens." They will probably just have someone bail them out though.

Coupons are my best friend...I don't buy unless I have one ;-)