One Week

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

One Week

One week until I had a one year old
One week until I don't have a baby anymore, I have a toddler.
One week until I'm going be a freaking bawl bag.  lol.
I just can't believe it.  She will be 18 before I know it.

Tonight we have her first birthday photo shoot at Creative Bent.  I am - believe it or not - actually packed and ready.  I may not be 20 minutes late like I have been for just about every single session.  lol.  However, I DID procrastinate a little lot bit.  You see I had a friend put together this cute little zebra print one.  Like weeks back.  So I have had a good month or so to work on this project.  I refused to spend $25 on a onesie the girl is going to wear like twice, if that.  So she made the "one" and I went to the store, yesterday, yes, the day before and bought some of that 'oh so easy' iron on paper stuff.  Brought it to my print, had it all ready to go, pressed print and then it happened.  Paper jam.  Paper mess.  Paper catastrophe.  No joke.  It was BAD.  In fact, the paper is STILL stuck in my printer today.  So I thought let's try someone elses printer.  Again, bad idea.  No luck.  Grrreeaatt.  Well, my Gma as a tshirt press machine and I you just have to print the "one" on some transfer paper, but backwards and then press it on to the shirt.  So I called Gma, she said she only had two pieces of paper left, I didn't have time to run to the store, so we crossed our fingers and headed to Gmas at 6:00 last night.  So yes, LESS than 24 hours until the photo shoot.  I plan so well, I told ya!  Well, Gmas didn't work out so well.  You know how grandparents and technology mix, like oil and water.  So we left there around 7:30 still with a BLANK onesie!  Let me just tell you, my creative juices don't flow.  The river has been dried up for awhile.  No joke.  But for my baby I had to get them flowing.  So I redneck-ed it up and rounded up every Sharpie I could find in the house.  I laid the print down on the table and the white onesie in front of me and just started drawing.  Let me just tell you, Jesus musta just took the sharpie (instead of the wheel, baha, dumb) and man oh man.  My cup run-ith over.  No joke.  I impressed myself.  This may just be the ONLY creative thing I have ever done in my life.
I made that!!  I did that.  No joke.  I am still shocked myself.
(Please, do NOT click on the picture to make it bigger, the further away the picture is the better it looks.)


Meagan said...

Good job on the's adorable!! I can't wait to see her pictures!!

Heather Rahn said...

FYI, the first thing I did after reading that last line was click on the picture to make it bigger. And it still looks good...Way to go Super Mom!

Adrien said...

Great job! I'm sure Miss Stella will look adorable!

Nicole said...

Looks great Cassie! Stella is so lucky to have such an imaginative mommy! I would have been on absolute freak out mode if I were you last night! Job well done!

Katie said...

VERY cute!

Kim Luke said...

looooooove it!! it looks even cuter on here than it does in a text! lol
great work!!