Purple Paradise

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Purple Paradise

So I called my ever so lovely husband on my lunch break to see what he was doing.  He thought it was funny to pretend like I woke him up when I called.  He knows I get freaking LIVID when he has the day off and SLEEPS the whole day away, while his daughter is at daycare, and there is shit to be done around the house.  That's what the weekends are for buddy, get up.  After he said, "I'm kidding, I'm kidding", he told me what he was doing.  Primering the bedroom.  SAY WHAT?!?!  Never thought this day would come.  I mean, I am queen of procrastinating, but dude, sometimes my husband has me beat, hands down.  So I thought well, I guess this means it's time to show the world my Purple Paradise (which is FAR FROM paradise).  Yes, our lovely bedroom.  In all it's purple glory.  Ugh, I'm so nervous.  It's bad, REAL BAD!  I don't think a single person has ever come to our house and said, oh I love your bedroom.  Yes, THAT'S how bad it is.  Are you catching my drift on how bad it is?!?!  Wait, let me just make it clear, this room was painted this color when we moved in.  We did not, nor would not ever, choose to do this.  It has been an eye sore for almost three years.   Well, here goes nothing..
Let's start from the top left.
This is what you see when you walk in the bedroom door.
Eeeeee!!  I know what you are thinking, scary, yikes, nothing matches, that purple is just ugh, are they still in college, yes don't feel bad, I have said ALL of these things myself.
Notice the piece of 2x4 sticking out from under the bed?  Yeah we had to put that under there when we first got our dog because she would crawl under our bed and pee.  Awesome huh?  And then we got lazy and never took it out.
And if you notice the lovely stains on the carpet too.  Oh the joys of white carpet and a dog who eats everything she can find outside, only to come inside and barf it up on your floor.  But new carpeting is NOT in the budget right now.  Maybe we will find a huge area rug on sale we can add.  A rug on top of  carpet?  Idk, we will see how it looks.
Oh and those god awful black curtains.  Ugh, the husband wants it to be dark when he sleeps.  They are horrible to me!  Oh and I would have totally drew back the curtains and opened up the blinds to let some good sunlight in to take these pictures, but a few months back the stick thingy on the blinds fell off and so my husband used Gorilla Glue to "fix it."  We haven't been able to open our blinds since.  And now you all know why I call my Dad to come fix just about everything!!
Let's move on.....
The dresser, yes those bright gold handles scream caauute don't they?  And I think the dust on top of that dresser might be close to an inch thick.  Nasty.  And yes, that would be clothes on the floor.  I clean up well when I take pictures, don't I?  Don't get me wrong this dresser has TONS of storage but it either needs a nice new coat of paint and some new handles or it needs to hit Craigslist.  Oh yeah and that fan.  In our room?  In January?  I don't get it either.
The third picture, now this angle isn't too bad.  But still, the purple walls, ugh.
Bottom left - I LOVE our bedding.  Hotel Collection, so amazing.  We got it all from our wedding party (they rocked!)  We have a huge white and grey down comforter that goes on top, but it stays in the other room most of the time because of the dog (geesh we do a lot for our dog).
Oh and you like that little end table?  Haha, half finished?  Idk what it is, it's a hot mess, that's all I know.
And there's me and Stel (binky and all).  And yes, that mirror does NOT match the room either and it's SUPER dirty.  But hey, we may seem to have a trend going on, let's put everything in this room that doesn't match and call it cute.  There we go!

So some ideas we have to clean up this crazy disaster we call a bedroom:
I mean maybe it was meant to be, we are three ladies and a man (counting the dog, lol).
Ahhh, I would LOVE to have a bedroom this big.  But that's not the point, did you see that?  That's my bedding!!  Ahhhh, score!!  Ding ding ding.  So this is our inspiration, kinda.  We are going with the one dark grey wall, and the rest a smidge lighter grey.  Some white and POSSIBLY yellow accents.  Eee, who is excited?!!?
But what we REALLY need is extra storage.  You know since my husband has more clothes than me and my three sisters combined.  So we also thought about this:
Those are built ins alongside of the beds.  So much more storage for them!  And a great idea.  However I priced some very similar to that at Home Depot and I would have to sell a kidney to pay or them.  And I would ask my Dad to make me some but he has been working on his house for going on for.eva so I would like the project done in a few weeks.  So we are stuck!

We have a TON of work to do and let's hope it all comes together in a reasonable amount of time.  Fingers crossed! 
We are going for:  more storage, a more mature look, and things to match.
Do you guys have any ideas we can do in our room?!!?  Kacie, I know you do!!


Craig and Litney said...

good luck!!

Adrien said...

Okay, I'll tell you what I would do. May not be what you would do, but I'll tell you what I would do. Haha. (Assuming that I'm going with your color scheme.)

If I had your room as it is now, and was going for an elegant space, I would sand and paint the furniture black and replace the handles with clear glass knobs. I would add a white chair rail around the lower perimeter of the room with white trim boxes beneath. (Do you know what I'm talking about? Like TCD does all the time. She makes it look easy!) If I were going with yellow accents, I'd definitely add a yellow throw pillow or two to the bed, and I would bring in yellow flowers in clear glass vases.

For storage, I would probably suggest getting a storage chest/seat to sit at the foot of your bed. You can store out-of-season clothing or whatever you don't need to get to every day inside. Target seems to have a TON of these. Just search "storage bench." They even have one in yellow, though it's on the higher end.


And I don't think it's weird to have a rug on top of carpet. We do it all the time, haha. (And your room isn't so bad as it is. I've seen MUCH worse! You should come see our bedroom. Yikes! Don't feel bad, haha.)

Meagan said...

I love the idea of doing some yellow accents with the grey....and while looking at throw pillows on Target's website I came across these...


they would look really good with your bedding and they are out of stock online but are available in the stores!!

Heather Rahn said...

One word...IKEA.


If you don't like to have things shipped, there is one in Bolingbrook which is a suburb of Chicago. They have the BEST storage inventions for cheaper than usual.

Cassie said...

Adrien - I love the chair rail idea but I have a hard time seeing it in a bedroom. But I will keep it in mind. AND oh.em.gee I wish I had $179 to get that bench, that's PERFECT!! Eee, I might have to save save save!!

Meagan - those pillows are perfect. Thanks for sharing, might have to go check out the Target down the street today.

Heather - oh IKEA. How I would LOVE to have one in St. Louis!! I would go nuts in there!

Thanks guys!!