Purple Paradise - Day 2

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Purple Paradise - Day 2

Well, I was wrong when my husband said he was "primiering" yesterday.  I was expecting to come home and see an all white room, ready to slap some new paint on.  Huge upset.  He had wiped down the walls and baseboards (which wow, surprised at how nasty the walls can get), the whole room was taped, and ONE wall primiered.  I can't complain too much about that, I guess I just had higher expectations.  Oh well, I jumped in ready to paint.  And yes, about 15 minutes into it I muttered, I could never do this for a living.
So before we went to sleep in the guest bedroom last night, this is what we had:
Yes that's a mattress in the hallway.  Stella keeps looking at it like, where did you come from?!  lol.
Which one do you like better A or B?  B or C?  You know, just like at the eye doctor.  I bite my tongue every time wanting to say dude, they all look the same!  Anyways, back to the painting.....
So I am thinking about splurging tonight at Home Depot and buying the Behr paint that is supposed to be primer AND paint together, because honestly I just do NOT want to put another coat of primer on.  And to be even more honest, the bed in our guest bedroom is small and not as comfy as our bed.  (Sorry to all of our guests who ever had to sleep in there, didn't know if sucked that bad!  I will pay for your chiropractor visits, not really, but you know what I mean).  Does anyone have any good paint recommendations?  Stuff that is just plain awesome?  Stuff that covers up a shit ton of purple paint?  Come on, I know someone out there once had some purple paradise rooms!!  Don't be shy.....
And thank you for all of your suggestions.  I am still drooling over that bench Adrien, ugh, I LURV it.  To splurge or not to splurge.  Man, I wish I had a birthday coming up soon!  I mean it was only 10 months from last Monday, that's soon right?!?!  Kidding.  And those pillows too.  They are just the perfect match dieing for someone to buy them and love them!  We will see......
And someone also suggested painting the dresser and side table black.  I was really leaning towards white, but now the black has me thinking.  Your thoughts?!?!


Adrien said...

I thought white at first too, but then I remembered how TDC almost always paints her furniture black, and it looks stunning. I imagine it would also be easier to cover the existing finish and hide flaws with black paint than with white.

I don't have any insightful information on paint, but if I were trying to cover up such a dark color, I'd probably splurge and get the paint/primer. At the end of the day the color on your walls is probably going to be the biggest change you make, so I don't think it's a bad idea to get a higher quality paint, anyway. It's still one of the cheapest dramatic changes! (Way cheaper than that bench, haha.)

Meagan said...

We always use the cheap paint from Wal-Mart but we've also never had to cover up a purple paradise....I say splurge on the good paint for this job!

As far as the furniture goes...either color would look great with the grey walls. If you are feeling really ambitious, you could do some sort of stencil on the the furntiure in the opposite color...so if you paint it black stencil in white, paint in white stencil in black....OR you could do a stencil with a deep yellow paint!!

Babysteps23 said...

We repainted three rooms, a hallway, and all of our ceilings using that paint. By "we" I really mean the guys we hired, but I was 9 months pregnant and I wanted it done quickly so we splurged for the primer/paint combo. It worked great! We didn't use it to cover up a purple paradise, but it did cover a medium shade of blue in a bedroom and we used it to paint the wood paneling in our den white.