Confession Friday

Friday, January 21, 2011

Confession Friday

Promise folks, I didn't get mowed over by a snow plow or anything yesterday.  I am alive.  Truthfully I just didn't really wana do a damn thing yesterday.  And I didn't.  So there.  Well, I did work from home.  Gosh, I LOVE having that option.  I didn't leave my house at all, I didn't shower and I don't even think I brushed my teeth (classy huh?).  But I did watch the season finale of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  Ahhhh, good ole fashion drama.  Love it.  Anyways, where is this rambling going?  Geesh.  So on to the confessions, because we all know I'm a freaking mess.

I confess that I'm pretty sure I am going to gain 10 pounds when I go for my 10 week check up. lol.  Whoops. We eat dinner and no joke, I'm back in the kitchen in an hour or so looking for something else to eat.  The other night we ate dinner, about an hour later I had a hot dog, then my Dad came over around 7:30 and I had chocolate ice cream.  What baby wants baby gets, right?!?!

I confess that this pregnancy has been the complete opposite of Stella, so therefore I'm pretty sure it's a boy.  Ugh, I thought I always got my way God?!?!  Girls I told you.  Just kidding just kidding.  Henry George will be a looker (just like his Momma), I'm sure. Bahaha.

I confess that maybe I don't really know if this pregnancy is the complete opposite of Stella considering I didn't even know at this point last time.  I mean geesh, I just got back from seven days of drinking in Jamaica with my third place ribbon in the beer chugging contest.  Hey, maybe Henry wants some beer.  KIDDING FOLKS, KIDDING!

I confess if I do have a boy and anyone ever calls him Hank, they will get the death look like no other.  It's Henry for short and Henry for long.  Just like Cassie.  With a C, for short AND long.  Get it, good?!?

I confess that I need a freaking hobby that does not revolve around CK.  I mean I love that place but it's not hunting nor card playing.  Yes folks, hunting season ended on Sunday, and cards started last night.  F.M.L.  I wish I had some balls like my friend who told her baby Daddy, hell no, one thing, THAT'S IT!

I confess that I picked up a book the other day to start reading where I left off and the bookmark was a postcard I got in the mail on July 17th.  Bahaha, over 6 months ago.  I seriously contemplated starting the book over.

I confess that our room is still not done.  Ugh.  We are in the process of redo-ing a dresser right now.  Promise we didn't just paint the walls and move our college stuff back in. 

I confess that I am really trying my hardest to be nice to someone who I haven't always been the nicest too.  There is no reason why it's always so awkward.  It's life, and we are mothers.  No need for it.

I confess that I would LOVE to get a spray tan but I am freaked out by the fact that someone might have to see my "Mom boobs".  lol.  I mean I don't want to have to wear a swim suit top because what's the point of the spray tan.  I mean I will wear bottoms, but ugh, I have a phobia.  My little sister is like I don't get why you are scared I have done it a million times.  Whatever you freaking hippie.  Have a kid, then tell me who you want to show your stuff too?!?!

I confess you are probably all thinking, tanning, drinking, eating all that food.  OMG.  Promise, my kid won't come out with an extra limb.  She's fine.  She also enjoys sweet tea and cartwheels.  I have never been one to freak out about much.

Well, that's enough.  Your turn!


Anonymous said...

I totaly agree with the name. Henry not Hank!

Mom boobs, haha! When you get the spray tan just keep your arms in the air so there for your boobs are up! LOL!

I confess while sitting in traffic on 44 to get down town this morning I sat in the lane that wasnt moving so I didnt have to sit at work for that hour it took me to get to work. I do have to say it is making the day go by much fast.

I confess I have not taken Kayla out in the snow yet because I dont like snow or cold! I am going to try tonight but we will see with this 5 degree weather!

I confess I make the same things for diner every week even on the same days. It was fine when my husband was gone during the week but now that he is back he is catching on. Any ideas for new recipies?

BTW thanks Cassie for inspiring me to redo my "college" master bed room! It's time our room looks like adults sleep in there!

Meagan said...

Your confessions really do crack my shit up!! Thanks for a good laugh!! And...if I can get a spray tan with my mom boobs hanging out so can really isn't as bad as you think!! And when I was pregnant with Keegan I drank heavily until I found out and then drank like 3 mountain dews a day for the rest of the pregnancy...and he was a healthy 9lbs 9oz...caffeine does not=low birth weight!!

I confess that I really want another Coach purse!! They just came out with a super cute striped one that I need to have...unfortunately my husband & check book thinks differently!

I confess that I got ticked off at Ryan yesterday because he took a nap and I didn' he let the empty garbage can outside until 5:30..wth?!

I confess that I didn't brush my teeth yesterday until we left to go 5:30.

Adrien said...

I confess that I used to love my boobs...haha...and now, blech, blech, blech. They are sad. :( And the worst part is I'm nowhere NEAR being done using them for babies. I can't even imagine what they'll look like a few years from now. I'm getting some sort of job when it's all said and done, and I don't care what anyone thinks about it. Even if it's just a lift...I don't want to look gross the rest of my life...I'm not even 30 for crying out loud!

My pregnancies were also completely opposite all the way through. Now I have two very different babies, but they were obviously both girls! (I was also convinced that Grace was a boy because of how different my experiences were.)

Pettijohn said...

I confess that this pregnancy has been the complete opposite of Wyatt and I am secretly hoping its maybe a girl!

I confess that I also have been eating everything in sight and thinking that I am going to look like a farm cow with this pregnancy.

Heather Rahn said...

I confess that when Meagan mentioned Keegan's birth weight, I crossed my legs.

I confess that I have eaten fast food every day this week for lunch...and some dinners.

I confess that I have nothing to do this weekend except for my finals...and I am looking forward to it.

Nicole said...

Cassie you are cracking me up! I thought the same thing about the spray tan but honestly it goes away as soon as you are there. The girls that I gave you the numbers too both have kids and don't have the perfect body either. We are all in the same boat! Hell I don't have kids and hate my boobs... I am doomed!

I confess that all you mommy drinkers are making me think it should be okay to have one last Hooray once you find out you are preggers. lol JUST KIDDING!

Cassie said...

lol - whew, my boobs fears are dwendling. lol. and i'm right with ya adrien, i'm getting some work done and soon as we are done with babies!!

and great news, i just checked the chinese calendar and i'm having a girl!! Henrietta Georgette!! Bahaha. Kidding. But yay for girls!!

Kacie said...

I guess I should put it on here since I confessed it to you....I am seriously addicted to this blog! I probably check it 5 times a day! I promise I am not a stalker. Lol!