Momma Needs Help

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Momma Needs Help

Well, some people may think I need help in more ways than one, but that's a different story.
I have a few "baby" questions, so any help/feedback would be greatly appreciated!!

1.  Stella is pretty much 80% table food.  Only if I get really sneaky or she is REALLY hungry will she eat baby food from a jar.  She would rather feed herself.  However, this Momma is NOT going to continue to buy the $3 packages of Yogurt Melts for her to snack on while I finish cooking dinner/breakfast/etc.  So......what are some quick and easy meals I can have ready in seconds so that she can eat while I am cooking.  My doctor told me ravioli, so we open a can, heat up a few of them at a time and keep the rest in the fridge.  Works perfect, but she is catching on and doesn't really enjoy raviolis  I need breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas!!

2.  My kid has some kickin' breath in the morning.  Like 'woah don't breathe on me' breath.  Anything I can do about it?

3.  Any good stain removers?!!?!  Going to get a little TMI on ya here, but when she blows out her diaper at daycare, some of the workers don't always rinse out the mess and so it sits in a lovely wal-mart sack all day long, until I pick her up, bring her home, unpack her bag and have to peel apart the lovely dried surprise they left for me.  Yeah, I pretty much get the joy of gagging a good three times a week.  So therefore she has nice brown stains on the back of a good percentage of the clothes she wears to daycare.

4.  I really do love most of the girls that take care of Stella at daycare.  Really, I do.  I mean there is no way I could take care of 6 Stella's all day long without needing a drink every night, so I give them props for it.  So I need to thank them for all that they do with a snazzy Christmas gift.  She has a main teacher and a main teacher's assistant girl, I guess that's her title.  Idk.  But then there are always like four other girls that help out too.  So do I get ALL SIX of them something for Christmas?  Or just the main two?  Or go BIG TIME with the main two and something small for the other four?  HELP!


Meagan said...

1. Are you wanting full out meals or just stuff she can snack on while you make dinner? Some ideas (mostly stuff to snack on) beans, cheerios, bananas, peaches, pears, pineapple, chicken noodle soup (just drain most of the broth), goldfish, frozen pancakes, peas, frozen french toast sticks

2. Keegan does too...can't stand it, especially when he is really clingy and crabby in the mornings then it is all up in my face!! They have "toothpaste" that is safe for her age since she will most likely swallow it, Keegan use to love that stuff!

3. They don't clean out the underwear either when they have accidents...drives me crazy!! If it has been soaking in all day chances are it won't all come out but I love Oxy Clean & have been using it on Keegan's clothes since he was a baby, it gets almost everything out!

4. I would say to get the teachers that are with her the most throughout the day something. Not all 6 need to get something from her, especially if they are only with her for an hour or so a day.

Adrien said...

1. Honestly, if Stella will eventually be eating some of what you're making I'd just have some fruit on hand to snack on while she waits. Bananas, strawberries, canned peaches or fruit cocktail. Can she do those yet? That should be just as filling as the yogurt melts and she could feed herself.

2. I have no idea!

3. I use Shout Advanced Stain Remover for Greasy's in a spray can. It usually does the trick. have to catch it pretty quick regardless. I realize that some of the workers who are younger or have never been moms themselves might cringe at rinsing out poopy clothes, but I don't think it's too much to ask them to do *something.* Even if I had to buy an extra can of spray for them to use they put it in a bag (then they wouldn't even have to touch it)...anything is better than leaving straight poop on an outfit!

4. I would only buy gifts for her main teacher and assistant. But if you got just a little something for them all, I would buy a handful of Bath and Body works lip glosses and tie some pretty ribbon on them. Simple! Cheap! But everyone likes lip gloss, right? :) (And...this works great, because you don't even have to put name tags on if you buy one or two extras then you're not in a bind if you forgot someone. Just hand them to whoever you see that day who works with Stella.)

Adrien said...

And just to clarify on the last one, I would still get her main teacher and assistant something more. They deserve it!

Anonymous said...

1. Little miss piggy is what I call her! You can try Cheese Hot dogs, Strawberries, Grapes, Bananas, Okie Dokie Puffs (in the chip isle in a yellow bag), cheerios, Mac & Cheese (i get the singles, cooks faster), string cheese cut up also i buy the walmart brand puffs and they have things like the melts also.

Also you an pretty much give stella anyting to eat now. She chews, has teeth and has been on solids for a good while so she will do great with almost anyting cut up small. Dont you love the solid foods!

2. I brush kaylas teeth/gums with baby toothpast and toothbrush. It is by the regular tooth paste at walmart.

3. Clorox spray (it is in a blue container)

4. I agree with Meagan that you dotn need to get them all a gift. Have stella make somting for them or make cookies and canides in a cute bag and mabey a 5-10 gift card to starbucks or bread co.

How has she been sleeping at night? Waking up anymore?


Kacie said...

I can not offer much help, but as a teacher I can try and help with good teacher gifts. I would have to agree though get the main two teachers something and then the other helpers something small and the lip gloss is AMAZING! For the two main teachers you could always do a $10 gift card each to somewhere, candles are great gifts, I like getting little teacher ornaments to put on my tree at school. As a teacher if a parent goes out of their way to pick out and buy me something for Christmas I love it! It is just a sweet gesture that they do not have to do.