Mostly Stella Randomness

Monday, November 8, 2010

Mostly Stella Randomness

I forgot to tell you Stella's 9 month stats.  My sweet little bundle of joy is just one ounce shy of a whopping 20 pounds.  Ha!  19 pound 15 ounces is what she checked in at on Friday.  27.5 inches long and her head size, of course, is in the 95th percentile (which comes by NO surprise).  Good thing little miss call pull off chunky.  lol.

I also told the doctor about her "crawling" and Stella did a great job demonstrating it for Dr. Anderson and he smiled and said, "it's totally fine, as long as she is crawling, that's all that matters."

Stella is getting her two top teeth!  They are adorable.  About 1/4 of the way through (and totally look buck).  hehe.  But super cute.  I asked about brushing and he said not for awhile, good thing, I can't even remember to floss my teeth, let alone brush my baby's teeth.

Just about every single morning I am greeted by this cute little face when I walk into her room. 
Yep, STANDING and laughing, thinking she is a big shot.  lol.

Aunt Lacie has taught Stella how to high-five.  Yes, slimey, slobbery hands and all.  Stella just laughs and laughs.  It's caaauutte!

Ms. Stella has also become bffs with the hardwood floors.  Yes, her noggin has met the floor quite a few times lately.  She hasn't figured it out yet that things slide across the floor and she slides with it, and then bam.  But the best of all so far:  Stella spit up a bit on the floor.  Josh ran to go get a paper towel, he told Stella no, leave it alone, no more than the 3 seconds it took him to run into the kitchen to get a paper towel, she took her hands, put them right into the yak, slipped right through it and face planted into the floor and into the yak.  Yummy.  Mommy of course was not home during this time (PTL for Daddy), but of course had to question the little bump she had on her forehead when I got home.....

And for those of you worried about my freshly pierced ears (done by Tina's Piercing Place) they are NOT the size of grapefruits and they are healing wonderfully.  I love them.  So glad that I had her do them herself and not pay $30 at Clare's to get them done.  (That's for you DR and you too Erin!!).  lol.