Can You Feel The Love Tonight

Monday, November 8, 2010

Can You Feel The Love Tonight

As I told you, Kim and Dane were life savers on Saturday and watched Stella for a few hours at their house while Josh and I got some rest.  Again, thank you guys sooooo much.  Kim was so excited to watch Stella, Landon on the other hand.....

pretend Stella is talking in a high pitched blonde haired girly girl voice...hehe. play along, it's hilarious.
Stella - Hey Landon, how are you?!  Let's play Barbies and dress-up, and talk about how we are going to get married some day!
Landon - What are you doing at my house??!
Landon - Here, take this binky and don't say another word.
Stella - Oh Landon, you are so funny, don't you know, girls never stop talking!!
Landon - Why are you still at my house!!
Stella - Did you say you wanted to get married in the spring time?  With hydrangeas and pink dresses?  And ice cream for everyone?  Oh I can see it now, it's going to be beautiful!!
Landon - Mom, when is this girl leaving?!?!
Stella - You know you love me Landon-boo-boo-baby.
Landon - Ahhh, now Stella, you know I love when you call me that.
Stella - (giggle) Now come on over here and give me a kiss!!

The End.

hahahaha, yes, they will hate me someday for this.  lol.


Kim said...

omg. i laughed so hard!!!! sooo funny!!!!!!!! I seriously want to print it out and put it in Landons baby book! HILARIOUS!!!