I Wonder If I'm the Only One Who....

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I Wonder If I'm the Only One Who....

....talks about The Real Housewives like they are my friends or in my real life or something.

....doesn't think The Office is funny.  Or maybe I just don't get it because I haven't watched it from the beginning.

....is my age and goes to bed around 9:00, like every night.

....has a blackberry but totally does not utilize it to it's full potential because truthfully I really don't know what it all can do and how it all works.  i know, so why do i enjoy paying the $70 a month bill?!!?  sick.

....feels like I buy more just because I have coupons.  Damn you coupons!!

....had to have their mom teach them how to make Rice Krispie Treats (last week Thursday).

....once called my mom to ask her how to make buttered noodles.  hey, i was still in grade school.  but no joke.

....still goes road tripping when I am way old enough to go drink at the bar.  but there is just something about it that i love.

....drank occasionally when I was prego.  ok, not occasionally for like the first 10 weeks.  considering i was in Jamaica, totally like 4 weeks prego and had NO idea and drank like, well, like it was an all inclusive vacation.  but once i knew i was for sure prego, i had a glass of wine here and there, a few drinks of beer here and there, and even bought a 12 pack of NA (which i totally believe stands for 'nasty ass' beer).  and my little baby turned out just fine.

....gets an e-mail from someone in all caps i immediately start screaming the words i am reading in my head.

....likes hot sandwiches.  ok, not hot, room temperature.  if i make a sandwich in the morning for work i keep it in my office.  i just don't like the cold bread i guess.  and then when i eat it, i smash the shit out of sandwich.  and sometimes put chips on it.  so good.  hot, smashed, chip sandwich.  lol.

....saw a coupon for a pregnancy test and thought, can you really afford a baby if you are buying this pregnancy test with a coupon.

....thinks buying a pregnancy test from the dollar store is a joke.  really, like how much of this can you believe, it was a freaking dollar.

....sees children on leashes and immediately thinks, how would that parent like to be on a leash?  idiots.  and then i think some person lives a good life because he/she invented the kid leash.  what is this world coming to.

....hates sarah palin, but kinda likes her new show on tlc.

....is a major creeper on fb.  and this year for lent i am seriously considering giving up fb.  crazy i know, but i can do this.  it's just 40 days!

come on now play along.  you know there are things you think, 'i wonder if i am the only person who does this, or thinks this, or says this.'  ha, this could get pretty funny. 

here i will do one for josh - i wonder if i'm the only one who thinks throwed is a word.
no joke, he says "throwed" like, she throwed me the ball.  seriously dude you are almost 30, throwed is NOT a word.  i correct him every time and he just uses it in day to day conversation like it's totally fine.


Heather Rahn said...

I wonder if I'm the only one who envies women who just found out they are pregnant because they now have the luxury of not holding in their stomachs for about 8 months.

I wonder if I am the only one that goes grocery shopping at Wal-Mart and then sorts thru my groceries to see what I can live without so I can buy candles and other fun Wal-Mart home decor.

I wonder if I am the only one that smells books before I read them. I mean opening the book, fanning it in front of my face, and inhaling deeply. Don't judge.

Meagan said...

Ok...I have to comment on some of yours first then I will share mine!!

Totally agree about The Office...just don't get. I still don't know how to make rice krispies...I tried once and failed! Totally drank occassionally while prego...even drank Mt. Dew like it was never gone to be made again and Keegan ended up being 9lbs9oz & healthy as can be! LOVE spicy doritos on sandwiches. I would never buy a prego test from the dollar store nor put a leash on my child but I would totally use a coupon for a test! And my excuse for buying so much is because I have coupons! And the one for Josh totally made me lol!!

I wonder if I'm the only one that tries to guess the password to look at random peoples online photo galleries on a photographer's website.

I wonder if I'm the only one that hates mustard but I have to have it on a salami sandwich....I know, I don't get it either!

I wonder if I'm the only one that color coordinates my underwear to my outfit...not every day but most days!

Kacie said...

Ok all of the things you put on there...I am the same way!
I had to call my mom and ask how to boil and egg...and I still cant do it!
I wonder if I am the only on that says "fer" instead of for. Barrack Obama says it, I heard it in a speech. And sadly I also say throwed...and I am a teqacher. Ahhh!
I could go on and on, but you listed a lot of mine also...I smash the crap out of a lunch meat sandwhich and put chips on it too, just like I like to put french fries on my burger..weird I know!

Cassie said...

OMG - Meagan I am sooooo guilty of the password thing. it's almost embarrassing how guilty i am! bahahaha, horrible.

Heather - totally understand the book smell thing. i don't read much at all, but i do love the smell of a book.

Kacie - I say prolly. Instead of probably. So I understad the for thing. lol. But really, throwed? Who was your English teacher at Sparta back then. Lordy. Thank goodness I went to RBHS!

Thanks for playing along!! Hilarious!!

Kim Luke said...

I wonder if I'm the only one who... knows a couple of these are digs at me!

1. 2 of the 4 of Landon’s $1 Dollar General pregnancy test came back with the exact same results as the pack of 2 for $22 purchased at Walgreens!!!!

2. I totally emailed you that $3 off coupon for the pregnancy test! Getting pregnant the first time may have been easy, but trying for several months, and buying your expensive NAME BRAND pregnancy test every month, could get expensive!!!

Teach me how to make Rice Krispie Treats!!!! & I smash my sandwiches too, my mom taught me this. One of the first times Dane ate lunch at my moms house she smashed his sandwich, he looked at her like WTF. lmao!

Cassie said...

hahahaha - no no, not digs, it just makes me think. meagan agreed with you and said she would totally use the coupon! hey, i might have to go print it! lol.

dude, i totally will teach you and you will be like omg, this is so easy!! like it's crazy how easy it is!

Heather Rahn said...

I can't stop laughing at the password thing. Have either one of you ever guessed one right?

Heather Rahn said...

BY THE WAY...I am totally not liking this whole "Guess who is the single girl" feeling I am getting posting comments on your blog...everyone has pictures of family memebers next to their names and I have my Marlboro jug filled with vodka and pineapple juice.

Cassie said...

mmmmmmmm, vodka pineapple, that's family in my book!!

Meagan said...

as a matter of fact I just did...twice!! and I was pretty excited about it because I had been trying with one of them for a couple of days now!! lol

and don't feel bad...I only have a family picture as mine because pictures of me by myself no longer get taken very often! =/