I Heart Creative Bent

Thursday, October 7, 2010

I Heart Creative Bent

We sure have come a long way with Creative Bent.  We found them through some friends of ours after we got engaged.  We LOVED their work and decided to go with them for our engagement and wedding pictures.  The price tag was a hard one to swallow, but when you think about it, pictures are the only thing you have left after your wedding so they better be good ones!!  If you haven't checked out there work you so should, http://www.creativebent.net/, Anna and Judith, a mother daughter duo, have amazing talent!!  They work so well together, have tons of great ideas, and are just such fun to be around.  I do not think, even if I really sat and thought about it, if I could come up with a single complaint about them.  They are GREAT!  (Can you tell I love them?!!? bahaha!)

So let's take a look at our lovely journey with Creative Bent, as I try not to think about how they have probably gotten a half years salary from us :S......but so worth it!!.
Engagement Pictures - November 2008
Save the Dates - May 2009

Wedding Pictures - September 2009
Stella's Newborn Pictures - February 2010 (she was only 4 days old!!!)
Stella's Four Month Pictures - June 2010
WOW how those pictures have changed so much in almost two years.  I can't wait for tonight's session.  We are going to try to get some good pictures to use for our Christmas cards, but I am having some outfit dilemmas.  No surprise.  Oh well, it will all work out.
Stay tuned!!


Craig and Litney said...

stella was seriously the most gorgeous newborn baby girl i have ever seen! she is still such a cutie, can't wait to see your new pics!

Cassie said...

Awwww, thank you so much!!