BFFs and Fold Outs

Thursday, October 7, 2010

BFFs and Fold Outs

I think we may have a potential bff on our hands, even though they are cousins, they can be bffs too.  Stella and Ali play so good together and just love each other.  Ali is a good little mother hen to Stella and it's so cute!  We spent a few hours at their house this week while Jessi and Kevin LOADED us up with TONS of stuff:  bags of size four diapers (sweet!) tons of 18-24 month clothes (holla), and about 7 pairs of shoes (PTL) - NO JOKE.  We freaking LOVE the Eschmanns!!
Here's Stel and Ali playing in Ali's fold out little sofa/couch thing (still learning the baby stuff lingo).
This is such a good idea to have, especially since we have hardwood floors!
Any Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, etc. out there reading this - Birthday/Christmas idea alert!!
Stella told me she loves Ali's and would love her own.
She said she can't decide though which one she likes, she loves Sesame Street, Disney Princess, Mickey Mouse, and Dora.  Ugh, the decisions of a 8 month old are so hard.  :)


Meagan said...

Those little couches are great and if they get dirty you just take the cover off and throw it in the washer! Keegan uses his pretty much every single day!

Anonymous said...

I had my sisters get that same one for kayla for her birthday! My nieces have one and they will sit on it toegher and watch movies! I think stella def needs one!


Cassie said...

I agree - she TOTALLY needs one. Maybe I will get it for her for St. Nick's Day. I will bribe her, if you crawl, you can get a fold out couch?!!? hahaha.

Kacie said...

This girl would definetly get it for her if her mommy and daddy do not! :)