Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I seriously have NOTHING to blog about today.  I have thought all morning and I am just blah, at a loss for words.  I thought about starting "Tuesday's Tips" but then again I would feel bad if I didn't actually USE these tips.  It's still on my mind, but don't count on seeing it any time soon.  I thought if I had Tuesday's Tips and Wordless Wednesday's it would be kind of boring two days in a row.  Anyways, wow, can you tell I have nothing to blog about.  I am just rambling on.

But.......what I am excited about is following a blogger friend today! 
She is having her new little baby girl today.  Awww, yay so excited for The Robert's. 
Check them out and follow along!!  Best of luck to them!

It SO gets me on the baby wagon again.  Ahhh, I would love love love for Stella to have a sister.  Yes, a sister, I have already had a talk with my body and it's only having girls.  Done deal.  And well in case you didn't know, I get what I want, so yeah I'm only having girls.  We have talked about trying again in January, so that means they would be about a year and a half apart, but that also means an August baby, which means HOT HOT HOT.  Ugh, I get cranky enough now, let alone being 30 pounds overweight in 100 plus Midwest weather.  Baha, you think I'm a b***h now, just wait.  So then I think well I LOVED when I was pregnant with Stella so maybe we should start trying in May and then Stella and her sister would be two years apart.  But then again, I have heard SO many stories about people whose first babies weren't "planned" and it took forever for them to have another one.  Which makes me sad.  Anyways, if it happens it happens.  Daddy thinks hunting season is being "limited" now, ha, he should just wait until he has another baby around.  Sorry Daddy, we gotta sell some of your guns, baby needs new shoes.  Hahahaha, I can hear it now.  Poor Daddy......
Anyways, there I go rambling again.

Just thought I would share some hospital pictures since I am like glued to The Robert's blog today and so excited for them!
Keeping everyone up to date via FB and e-mail (post blog)
He has NO IDEA what he is in for!!!  hehe.
ow, ow, ow, ow.  Yes this CRAZY person didn't get her epidural until she was 9 cm.
Attention Prego Ladies Out There - get the epidural.  Don't try to be macho woman, God made the epidurals for a reason.  Just try not to grope the anesthesiologist afterwards.  You will seriously be in love.
Ahhh, much better after the epidural.
ahhhhh, love at first sight.
Daddy cutting the cord - p.s. it's WAY thicker than you think!
Daddy would NOT leave her side.  I don't think he even looked back to me and said, "You doing ok honey?"  Stella kept a tight grip on Daddy's hand and he was right here next to her the WHOLE time.
My 6 pound 4 ounce bundle of joy!!
(See, there is Daddy holding on to Stella still, too cute!)
Well hello there baby girl, now that we are both cleaned up.
And then there were three.  : )


Meagan said...

Don't feel blog post today is a lot of rambling too!

And...the whole trying to plan a 2nd baby when the 1st one wasn't planned taking a long time thing is true, at least in our case it is.

Cassie said...

Seriously, Adrein puts me to shame. I read her blogs and I am like wow, I'm a loser. lol.

:( that sucks!! I hope it happens soon for you guys!! I swear I hear that all of the time, it's crazy, I just!!