Top Ten Baby Items

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Top Ten Baby Items

Every Mommy out there can easily name a few things off the top of her head that she swore by for her babies.  I'm sure some of them are probably the same for a lot of us.  My cousin just did a recent post about her top ten items for her twin girls, for me I think the number one thing if I had twins would be a second set of hands, but that's why we have the babies and not men, because we can literally, do it all!  So without further ado, here are my top ten baby items.  Don't be surprised if you see at least one of these items as a gift from me at a baby shower.

1.  Dr. Brown's Bottles Can I get an AMEN?!?!  Wow, these babies are great.  A little pricey, but well worth it.  We got lucky and Stella didn't have any problems with eating, but I did have a friend who had quite the gassy little baby and someone told her to switch to the Dr. Brown's Bottles and she said it was like she was given a different baby.  Well, worth the money for any new Mommy out there!!  However, you might be cursing me when you are washing all 467 parts every night.  That is the only downside, but if you are cool with putting them in the little dishwasher basket, then go for it, I am just not a fan of that so I hand wash them every night.  Yes, I may be crazy.  lol.

2.  Boppy Ahh, whomever thought of stuffing a toilet seat shaped cushion was a genius!  It's perfect for when baby is really little, she/he fits right in and makes you feel safe walking out of the room to go pee.  I hear it helps too for breast feeding, but that wasn't a path I decided to test out, so I'm no help there.

3.  Nasal Aspirator (also know as the the blue nose sucker thing) Just sweet talk the nurse at the hospital for a few, I still use the ones from the hospital today.  I have never used the ones we got in a couple "first aid" kits.  The blue ones from the hospital are the BEST!!

4.  Boogie Wipes How do you make a tissue dance?  Bahaha, ok, ok.  Maybe it's because my kid goes to a daycare and comes home with a runny nose every other week, but these things are great on her little nose.  And smell AMAZING!  They are soft like a tissue so her nose doesn't get raw from us wiping it and stick the blue nose sucker thing up her nose all of the time.  A little pricey, but every once in awhile you can find a couple for them, so snag them up!  Your child's nose will love you for it.

5.  Baby Gas-X I think all babies are going to have some sort of gas, regardless of formula/bottles/etc.  For about the first 3 months Stella was born we would put a little bit of this in her nighttime bottle and she would sleep so well.  Or anytime she was really fussy and we thought maybe she had a belly ache, we would give her a little dose of this stuff and in a short while she was a much happier (and stinkier) baby.

6.  Pampers Diapers Everyone has their brand that they swear by, for us, it's Pampers.  In the beginning we tried Huggies but seemed to always have leaks.  We even had a few Luvs, but the trash bag feel of them weirded me out.  We had a few that we couldn't return, so we sent them to daycare because we knew they would be used up fast, but noticed at least twice a week Stella would have a change of clothes because she leaked through her diaper.  So from then on out all we have purchased is Pampers.  We are now in Cruisers, and this Momma was sad when I couldn't buy the ever so "Blankie Soft Swaddlers."  But the Cruisers are working great, the Pampers Points you can earn are also great and you can always find coupons for Pampers!!

7.  Johnson's Baby Products No Baby Magic for this Momma.  Man oh man, all of the Johnson Baby products smell soooooo good.  We LOVE them!  Especially the Bedtime Lotion, omg, I would love to use that on myself.  lol.  I love the Head to Toe Baby Wash, Bubble Bath and Wash, Body Lotion, Bedtime Bath, Bedtime Lotion, Baby Oil, all great products that we use all of the time and again, can always find coupons for!!

8.  Formula Dispensers This product was invented by a Mom, without a doubt.  So handy!  Just twist and pour, I can literally make a bottle with one hand.  Even when I throw this in the diaper bag, I never notice formula going from one location to another, I have complete trust in this product and love it!

9.  Bumbo Perfect for when baby is learning how to sit up.  We have even taken it into a few restaurants and put it in the booth between us and sat Stella in it so she is more level with the table and we don't have to hold her.  You can even get a tray to attach to the bumbo so you can use it like a high chair for feeding.  Just hope your baby doesn't have super chubby legs because they might not fit.

10.  Back Seat Mirror You will literally catch yourself using this mirror 3252389 times a day.  It's perfect so you can see what baby is doing while riding in the car.  And baby likes it too because he/she can see himself, or maybe it's just my child and she is conceited.  lol.  Either way, it's a must have for me!

So there you have it, my top ten list.  Now, I am not Daid Letterman, but I tried to add some humor.
What are a few things that would make your top ten list?!!?


Meagan said...

Good list of stuff!! I don't know if I have anything to add though...some of my favorites were the boppy & Dr. Brown's bottles too.

Do the Boogie Wipes help with getting dry snot off?! I swear they NEVER wipe Keegan's nose at daycare and it is so gross when he comes home!

Meagan said...

Thought of something....a jumperoo! Keegan absolutely loved that thing and would stay in it forever, pretty sure he even feel asleep in it multiple times!

Kim Luke said...

yes the boogie wipes get all the hard stuff off. and are so super soft, so no red noses from it!!! (I should add this to my confession friday this week, but i used them myself when i had a cold! haha)

Erin said...

I need to start making a list. Lol. A few of these were already on my mental list but its getting too long for my small prego brain capacity. Ha.