Anniversary Day

Monday, September 20, 2010

Anniversary Day

So just what did we all do for our anniversary??!?
Well, we woke up that morning to our cute little baby.
Hahaha, yes this is cute.  I promise she is not screaming, she is laughing, and loving her 3 favorite toys, the paper towel roll, an envelope and the lid to her baby food jar.  Yes, she has expensive taste in toys.
Then we got this baby out of the bottom of the freezer.
Two layers of foil and five layers of saran later, we found this.
Looks pretty good if you ask me.  So of course we had to try it!
It seriously was AWESOME!  Didn't taste freezer burnt or anything.  The icing was good, the filling was good and the cake was GREAT!  We each had a HUGE piece (if you can't tell).
Then we opened our cards and gifts to each other. 
We were sent so many cards for our anniversary, which made us feel great, thanks guys!!
I got Josh tickets to an SIU-C football game, and Josh got me this:
Oh yea, that's right.  A brand spank new WHITE watch!!  I LURVE it. 
Just call me Leigh Anne Tuohy (from the Blind Side).
Then we were headed off to breakfast at St. John's and then to church.
Here is our cute little family on our anniversary.  Crazy how much can change in a year.
Then we hung out at home the rest of the day and watched football and enjoyed our time with each other!
Thanks again to everyone who sent cards, texts, and FB posts, we love you all!!


Adrien said...

Love the watch, love Stella's "toys," and yay for good cake! Glad you guys a great day. :)