If She's Anything Like Me

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

If She's Anything Like Me

Ok, so this may not be the cutest picture of Ms. Stella a person has ever seen (drool monster, chunky monkey, and oh so funny double chin) but I just can't get over how or eyes are the exact same color!  This could quite possibly be the ONLY thing that she has of mine, since she pretty much looks like she fell straight out of her Dad's booty, but oh well.
Anyways, yesterday on my way home from work the song "Anything Like Me" by Brad Paisley came on the radio.  I have heard the song before and thought it was pretty cute but never REALLY listened to it.  As I drove and teared up and laughed at many parts I thought, just like Brad says "heaven help us if he's anything like me" (of course I was changing he to she, lol).
Some lyrics made me think of my wild and crazy days and how I was the rebel child and how never got in trouble, well, ok, never got caught, but really how I am a complete softy sometimes and I'm not as tough as I come off to be.  Just a few lyrics that stood out to me:

"He's gonna get in trouble, oh he's gonna get in fights, I'm gonna lost my temper and some sleep."
Even though I have never been in a fight, I have been in my fair share of trouble or maybe trouble making.  And had many of lost tempers with my Mom and give her plenty of sleepless nights wondering what in the world I could be doing or why in the world it was past curfew and I wasn't home.

"He'll probably stay out to late, and drive his car too fast, Get a speeding ticket, he'll pay for mowing grass, He's gonna get caught skippin class, and be grounded for a week."
I believe every child needs a curfew, and I had my fair share of broken curfews to say the least; but I always had a sister to cover for me.  And knock on wood no speeding tickets, but four seat belt tickets, YIKES, that I had to pay for ALL myself because I was the one who got the ticket.  Even though I only skipped class ONE TIME in high school, it was a day I will never forget and well, neither will Kim Brothers or the softball team.  lol.

"He's gonna act like he can't wait to leave, But as he drives out, he'll cry his eyes out, if he's anything like me."
So true.  Just like I said I might act like a tough chick, but I am a super softy and I hope that my baby girl is "like me."

Stella, I hope I am doing the best job I can possibly do to raise you.  You teach my something new about myself every single day and I hope to show you and give you the best life you could ask for.  I hope you grow up to follow your dreams and do anything you set your mind out to do.  Just know that I will be behind you supporting you and cheering you on the whole way, even if you are, "anything like me."


Katie said...

The first time I heard that song I thought of you and Stella. I love it!

Cassie said...

awwww, that's so cute Kaite! I just love Brad Paisley!