Hello September

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hello September

Well, hello September.  Lordy lordy, where did you come from?  It was just March!
  • Hard to believe that a year ago TODAY we found out that our little peanut was going to be smothered and covered in PINK!  I remember being so excited all day at work that I was going to find out.  Of course I secretly wanted a girl the whole time, but I would have been happy to douse you in blue too!!  Gosh, I remember laying there for the ultrasound and the the tech asking, "Do you want to find out the sex" and quickly replying, "Yes" and then it seemed like a second later she said, "Looks, like you have a little girl in there" and I turned to your Dad (who was praying for a boy), with the biggest smile on my face saying, "Are you ok?!?"  lol.  He said yes, but at the same time was probably seeing a quick 18 years of dresses, make-up, boyfriends, and drama pass through his mind.
  • Hard to believe tomorrow my baby girl will be SEVEN months old.  Woah, deep breath Mommy.  I am STOKED to start planning your birthday party though.  Now, if I could only decide if our house is big enough for the 385723487 people in our family!!!
  • Hard to believe in just 18 days we will be married for ONE YEAR!  Crazy how much can happen in a year.  It's been quite the ride and I have learned so much about life in a years time, but I love all the crazy and beautiful messes we have created and cleaned up!
But what makes me even more happy is that it's so close to FALL!  Sweatshirts, bonfires, hay rides, apple and pumpkin picking, fall candles lit all throughout the house, setting up fall decor, whew, so much to take in!  YAY!  I love Fall!!  A blog I follow, Thrifty Decor Chick, loves Fall also and has some cute DIYs to make your home look awesome!


erin said...

I love fall too! My fav! Isnt it weird that shortly after Stella is one i will have a newborn! Omg. And you have almost been married a year and Brandon and I have been together for almost one year! Whoa.

Cassie said...

I know!! You will be nice and miserably swollen at her birthday party!! lol. I bet you just can't wait. Just kidding!!
So much exciting stuff going on!!