How Big Is Stella??! So Big!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

How Big Is Stella??! So Big!!

Look who has a big girl carseat?!!?!
I don't know about you but I think "little Josh" loves her new carseat! 
Man oh man does she look like her Daddy.
Thanks to our cousins with "good taste", we scored this carseat for $50!!  They used it for their little girl in their second vehicle until they recently upgraded.  It's in perfect condition!!  You would never be able to tell that it's been used before.  This is for Josh's car and next weekend we are going to BRU to get a brand new one for my car.  Because of course, I have a coupon!  We have decided on this one.

A couple people recommended it and it has great reviews. 
So let me break this down for you, this baby is $159.99, I have the ever so famous 20% BRU coupon, which saves us $31.99, so we are at $128, and we have a gift card which still has $49.10 on it, which puts us at $78.90 plus tax.  So we are looking at spending about $85 for this carseat, and we got a second one for $50, which means we will get both REALLY GREAT carseats for $135!!  Woohoo!

Also, Ms. Stella has been acting kind of "fishy" lately, and now I know why.  hehe.
She has been busy at DYC making these cute little things.  Now I have some new artwork for my office.  YAY! 
We just might need to work on broadening her name category.  Seems she has named every fish 'Stella.'
And I finally, got a picture of her teefers!  YAY! 
Even though there is a crazy amount of drool everywhere, here they are:


Katie said...

first I just want to say yes, Stella looks just like her Dad, but she sure is naked a lot. hahah thats what she takes from her mama! She is completely buckled into her carseat NAKED! hahaha

YAY teeth!! I love that picture! =)

Cassie said...

hahahaha yes i PROMISE she has a ton of clothes, but by time we get home she is over having clothes on. i am sure by time she gets to the age where she can take her clothes off herself, she will. lol. but truthfully she doesn't mind being naked at all!!

Kim said...

she does look sooo big in the carseat! & Katie, i couldn't agree more with your comment... hahaha :)
good choice on the carseat, it looks exactly like Landons, except his is brown and tan. i love the things next to his head, idk what they call it..but it makes me feel like hes safer. lol