Decisions, Decisions

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Decisions, Decisions

Ok, first off, I know these first two things are probably the LEAST of my day to day worries, but they are things on my mind right now.
First off, last night my FAVORITE (ok, one of my favorite) shows came back on. 
I'm not sure if I love it because they are such a tight family who gets together all of the time and they remind me of the Steibel family, or if it's how crazy they are and I can relate so much to them, or if it is that they always know the best way to wrap up each episode, and I pretty much cry every time.  Regardless, I still have an issue, it' on at the same time as another favorite....

Teen Mom
Ok, yes I know I'm NOT a Teen Mom, but I can relate to these girls so much with being "young" and a Mommy.  Or maybe I just love how ridiculous Gary and Amber's fights are, or how Catelyn and Tyler ge the joys of dealing with Butch, or how ditsy Farrah is or how I am in LOVE with Bentley and Maci!  lol.  Either way, it's SUCH a tough decision on which one to watch. 
By time I get to a commercial on one show and flip to the next I only catch about 3 minutes before another commercial.  Ugh, frustrating.  Ok, I KNOW my solution would just be to get DVR, but I am NOT going to do that.  I am not that addicted to TV nor do I want to let myself be.  I know there are re-runs, but I want to watch it when it's new.  (Ok, so really this "dilemma" is pitiful, but I'm sure I'm not the only one with this frustration.)

Second thing, Sunday is my one year anniversary.  I have no idea what to get the hubs.  The traditional 1st anniversary gift is paper.  PAPER!  What in the world do you get?!!?  I know, I am thinking the SAME thing. 
So I turned to my trusty friend google and this is what she suggested (yes, to me google is a she).
  • Photos, Book, Puzzles, Stationary, Tickets, Paintings, Coupons, Love Letters, Posters or Calendars
The modern 1st anniversary gift is a clock.  Woohoo, even better.  Considering we have a wall clock in our living room the size of a small car, and yet we are STILL always late, this gift really shouldn't even be considered.
Any ideas from you lovely people out there?!?!

And last but not least, Stella's 1st birthday (VERY important).  I am stoked to start planning it, but have you ever googled "girl 1st birthday ideas?!!?"  Good God, there are 468243702837468 results.  Geesh.  I want to try my hand at making a few things but Lordy, I am just blown away by all of the ideas.  She really isn't "in love" with anything right now, so I don't even have that to go off of.  Maybe in a month or two she will, but I'm not counting on it.  And I am NOT, I repeat AM NOT, having a Princess themed party.  Here are a few ideas:

Cupcake Theme?!!? 
Looks pretty, simple and cute.


Diva Theme?!?! 
No, not my baby, she isn't a diva.  lol.

Pink and Zebra Striped?!!?
Now we are talking!!
I (ok we, yeah that means you Danielle and Lacie) could totally do this. 
And I LURVE the tutus!!
Ooooo, I'm excited.
Gotta, go, I have a lot more googling to do!! 


Katie said...

my vote is for the cupcake birthday!

Adrien said...

We did a sweet shoppe/cupcake theme for Evie, which was super cute, but I love the zebra print! It's definitely not a theme you see every day. It would be fun finding and making things for it. I'd start now though, haha, because you might end up needing to order things online for it.