Car Seat Fun

Monday, September 27, 2010

Car Seat Fun

Friday night we headed to BRU for the big car seat purchase.  I had my coupons all line up, I knew which one I wanted and I was ready to get Stella a brand spanken new car seat! 
But of course, it can't be that easy......
We walked in and headed straight to the car seats.  The one we previously told you all we were getting was sitting nice and pretty saying "buy me, buy me."  The sales associate walked over and asked if we need any help.  I said yes, we would like this car seat, but can you get it down so we can see how Stella fits in it and see how easy it is to install in the car.  He of course said sure, but you do know that this one is only rear facing and forward facing, it does not go to a booster seat, later on that would be an addition purchase.  Wait, WHAT?!  Of course this won't work out easy peasy like we planned.  So before he even got the car seat down I said, well can you show me the ones that do all three. He pointed them out and then said, what he would recommend because of the ratings, and all that jazz.
He recommended this baby:
Evenflo Symphony 65 Convertible Car Seat - $199.99
Of course, $40 more than the one we had picked out and budgeted for.  So we tried it out, Stella fit great in it.  It was easy to install and had so many great features.  We were sold!!  All in all, we still saved a ton of money.
Car seat $199.99, 20% off coupon (-39.99), $5 rewards card coupon, $49.10 on a gift card = $105.90
plus tax (10.73) = $116.63
**$83.36 in savings!!** 
And thanks to DR, we paid for this baby in CASH.  Ahhhh, I love you DR.


Adrien said...

Awesome! Gotta love DR. :D