New Door, New I Need Some Decor

Monday, August 23, 2010

New Door, New I Need Some Decor

Sunday Brent came over to help Josh put in our new storm door.  However, Josh didn't quite understand the meaning of "help."  It turned more into Brent does the work while Josh talks his ear off and questions everything that Brent does.  Praise the Lord for Brent though.  Luckily they have been friends for ages and Brent pretty much knows and understands what it means when Josh needs "help" and can tolerate his "gift of gab."  Someday honey, you will do a whole home improvement job yourself, I know you will, but I doubt it will be this year.....
**Note to self, next door project, totally paying the extra money for the Home Depot guy to come and install it!
Door Before
Door After

Crazy how much a door can change the look of your house!  I love it!
Oh and that roof, ugh, I know, U-G-L-Y, next year's tax return buys a new roof. 
Oh the joys of owning a home. 
Tax return = home improvements, not vacationing on a sunny beach south of the border...

And now I just need some decor for my front porch.  I follow Stephanie on her blog You Paid More Than Me she is super cute and has such great talent and ideas!  I sent her a picture of my front porch and first asked her kindly not to laugh and then pleaded for her design advice.  She gladly said, bring it on!  The ball is in her court now, just waiting to see what she suggests for us to do to spruce it up!