Couldn't Have Said It Better Myself

Friday, August 27, 2010

Couldn't Have Said It Better Myself

So if you haven't noticed, I am a blog-aholic.  I follow probably 20 something blogs.  Yes, I know, get some work done Cassie.  I seriously think I'm addicted.  Anyways, I follow decorating blogs, coupon blogs, baby blogs, DIY blogs, you get the idea.  Two of the baby blogs I have been following, the Mom's are prego with her 2nd baby.  Seriously, makes me think, WOW, that's a lot of work.  Well, one just blogged about her birth story and I couldn't have said it better myself.  She wanted to go drug free, as did I, but she gave in at 4.  I lasted until a 9, but I think we were both pretty much feeling the same way.  Don't get me wrong, the whole birthing experience was AMAZING (that's for you Kacie Jones) but I WILL get the epidural from here on out when the pain kicks in.  I give high kudos to those women who have gone with the drugs.  You are truly a hero of mine.  But God made the drugs for a reason, so shoot me on up!

Anyways, here is her story. 
We got checked into our room at 2:30pm & they started me on a slow drip of pitocin (the nurse described it as "just a whiff" of pitocin) to get things going a bit until the Dr could come over & break my water. The contractions picked up a bit but I was able to keep complete control during them. I did my breathing, listened to music, P made jokes & we watched a "Real Housewives of New Jersey" marathon. It was actually kind of fun. Then around 4pm my Dr arrived & broke my water, they also turned up the pitocin because nothing had changed in the time I'd been there.  That's when the *$%# hit the fan.

Sorry to be crass but I can't think of a better phrase to describe how quickly & harshly things changed. Within 5 minutes, FIVE, I was in full-blown active labor & I WAS DYING. It totally caught me off guard, I was not prepared to be in so much pain so quickly. In all honesty, I had no idea pain could feel that bad. And yes, I'm probably a bit of a dramatic person but I think even the most reserved girl would've agreed with me. The contractions were about a minute or two apart, as soon as I got through one the next was right there waiting for me. I tried my best to get a grip, I really hadn't wanted an epidural but I just could not get control of my pain. P was incredible, I was pulling on his shirt, yelling & crying at him & resisting the urge to bite him (I know that sounds silly but I just wanted to bite something SO bad, perhaps too many vampire movies) but the whole time he just looked right in my eyes & talked me through every second of it. We tried the hypnobirthing CD's to help me calm down but I just couldn't hear them, after about 20 min I was in panic mode & wanted to run away. I kept thinking "Get a grip Natasha, just get your mind right for a minute & then you can get through each contraction one at a time" but then another one would hit & I would just fall apart. It was bad. I called the nurse because I really thought the baby was coming out but when she checked me I was still 4cm, as soon as I heard that I said, "I want drugs NOW!" It felt like a movie. Like you know in Baby Mama how Amy Polar tries to steal people's IVs as they're wheeling her down the hall...that was me. It was ridiculous. The anaesthesiologist came in soon after & every fear I had of an epidural went right out the window. She was truly an angel dropped down from heaven, my bff from here on out.

The epidural kicked in fully after about 20 minutes & I WAS HAPPY. I was able to relax & actually enjoy the experience, the Dr came back an hour & a half later & I couldn't believe the news, I had dilated another 4cm! I guess it really is true that some people just need to relax to dilate, I was such a big ball of stress when I was in pain. I'm scared to think of how long my labor would've lasted if I hadn't gotten some relief, not to mention how exhausted I'd be by the time I was ready to push. Major kudos to you superwomen who have had an unmedicated birth, I tried my best & I just don't know how you do it.

Now my favorite part, it was finally time to push. This may sound weird but I've always thought I'd be good at pushing...I was really looking forward to it. Is that weird? And you know what, it was even better than I had hoped. The part I wasn't expecting was how calm & chill the environment would be. There weren't a bunch of people running in & out like you see in the was just us, our Dr & the nurse. The lights were kept dim & no one yelled at me to push, I just told them when a contraction was coming & everyone would count to ten 3x while I pushed my darndest. I had thought I'd like a mirror but wasn't going to use one because P thought he'd be super squeemish at the sight but much to my surprise I looked over to see him peeking down, he was so excited that he could see the head! I asked for the mirror and at the end of each push I'd open my eyes & take a peek. It was INCREDIBLE. I don't think P or I were prepared for how much we wanted to see her actually being born, it's just one of those things where once you're in the situation you can't help but look. With the next push her head popped out & the Dr. asked me to wait while she suctioned her out. ("Um sure, I can just hold it right here with a small watermelon 1/2 out of me.") One more push & out she flew, I put my arms out for her & was able to pull her right onto my chest. AMAZING.
Ahhhh, the thought of another baby sounds amazing, but the reality of another baby sound crazy!


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that made me a little emotional.