Deck Makeover Part I

Monday, June 5, 2017

Deck Makeover Part I

well we made sure to pick the hottest weekend of the year so far to start our outdoor deck project.
ha - of course we did.
i really can't say "we" a lot in the post.
it was like 90% jon.
the only 10% for me was the night we went to home depot and got supplies.
and moral support.
i mean those are two very important parts of any project.
making sure we buy the right materials, colors, equipment, etc.
and making good glasses of water, an occasional smoothie, and constant supervision with non-stop words of encouragement are given.
you're doing great.
it's looking good.
the back of your neck may hurt but think of the tan you are getting.
i mean, it's vital, i tell you what.

anyways, back to the deck.
the deck project has been on our radar since we moved in.
it has been painted before, a few years back.
and was in need of some love.
it's old and on it's last leg, but we need it to get us through about three more years.
and then we have some more plans.
can we say inground pool?!?
anyways - three years.
let's get back to present day.
so home depot was running a sale on behr paint.
and we LOVE a good sale.
and going to home depot on friday nights.
next thing we knew - we had a truck full.
see those 5 gallon buckets, each run about $150.
however behr was running a $40 rebate on each of those gallons.
so yeah - we pretty much stole two gallons.
we weren't sold on a color just yet, but we wanted to get in on the sale.
so did you know if you buy the paint and bring back your receipt they will tint your paint FOR FREE.
another thing we love.
sales and free stuff.
so then in true jon and cassie DIY style, we let the supplies sit in our garage for a few weeks.
we waited for the hottest weekend and decided to power wash.
literally 10 hours of power washing on saturday.
just remember that back of the neck tan.  totally worth it.
sunday we washed the deck.
this stuff was a miracle worker.
like an amazing concoction comes through the hose and it's like ahhhh this deck looks so much cleaner.
seriously, no joke.
we were HORRIBLE diy-ers and didn't take a before picture.
luckily we still had some from when our house was for sale.
thank you zillow.
just take a look at this
you can see a few spots where it's pretty worn.
a few spots were it's really worn.
and just a lot of spots that need love.
AFTER 10 hours of power washing and using the wood cleaner.
and another before
AFTER power washing and wood cleaner

of course it rained sunday evening.
and rain is scheduled for monday.
and we need 24 hours of dry weather before we can wait.
our goal is to hopefully start tuesday.
we are excited for the after of this project.
we are going with a two-toned color and i think it's going to look really nice.
stay tuned!