Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, May 8, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up

hi!  whew – we are still here.
we have been busy.
still are.  but aren’t we all?!
school, summer sports, house projects, work, dogs, weddings, birthday.
we have been on the go.
and this weekend was no different.
we soaked up every opportunity we could get and worked our butts off outside.
so let’s recap.
we tore up our driveway on Good Friday with plans to pour a new driveway the following weekend.
it rained.
and rained some more.
hell, it even flooded parts near us.
and three weeks later it finally dried up and we got a driveway.
i mean who gets this excited over concrete?
ha – right.
but seriously.
i feel like a normal person again.
the countdown is on for cure time so we can drive on the baby.
ok, so besides getting excited about concrete, who writes this much about concrete?
anyways….. on to the fun pretty things.
we got the new garage doors, shutters (even though the color is slightly off) and pergola a few weeks back.
in came landscaping, which made a HUGE difference and then the driveway.
it is a major relief to have this project done.
and a much needed facelift for the front of our house.

so, on to the weekend.
once the guys left on Friday we all stood around and ooo-ed and ahhhh-ed over the driveway.
and then we headed out with some friends to celebrate cinco de mayo.
(and finally having a driveway).
the next morning jon was on clean-up crew at the house while I went and had a yard sale with my mother-in-law.
once we were back in town we got to work.
i spent a good part of my afternoon watering the concrete (yes that’s a real thing that people have to do) and shoveling  SO.MUCH.DIRT.
ugh, manual labor is no fun.
we made a huge dent in the pile and I am pretty sure by 8:15 p.m. I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore.
Straight to bed I went.
sunday morning we were up early and ready to go.
we had a nice breakfast date then headed to home depot.
we ooo-ed and ahhh-ed over stuff we wanted but didn’t need.
but man oh man did we want it.
then we took some time for ourselves and just took a drive.
we love just looking at houses.
dreaming.  talking.  getting ideas.
once we got back to town we stopped at ace to get some ferns.
we hung those up on the pergola and called it done.
ok well not yet, we still having lighting to go.
there’s always something.
we moved to the backyard for some projects.
we are getting the pool ready and we can’t wait!!
it will be pool season oh so soon!!
once the kids got back from their dad’s jon and henry went to see a boy movie.
it was right up henry’s alley!
stella and i had a girls night.
much needed for everyone.
and now here we are with Monday.
last full week of school!!
have a great week!

feels good to be back!