Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, March 14, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up

well, it's official; my little sister is a wife.
the newest mr. and mrs. saale.
and whew, a gorgeous one on top of that.
and now she is off enjoying herself and RELAXING!!
they had the CUTEST wedding.
totally lacie (and phil)!
and they hired a caricature artist to come in for the night.
it was SO fun!
our bridesmaid dresses were from Small Town Style - hit them up for your next event.
they were so comfortable and we LOVED them.
everything went off really well.
except for the fact that my older sister got pink eye the day before.  i felt SO bad for her.
poor poor thing.
and the whole priest issue.  but that's for a different day.
stella and henry - they did awesome.
after the rehearsal dinner on thursday i was worried.
i cried, it was SCARY.
but they pulled it together and did SO GOOD all day on saturday.
very proud mommy and jon.

and now we are back to work today.
wishing we were on a beach, but i am sure lacie and phil are enjoying the peace and quiet.

hoping to be back to our regularly scheduled program this week.


Anonymous said...

Everyone looks gorgeous!! Loved Lacie's dress! The caricature artist is a fun idea. I've never done that.

Adrien said...

Beautiful pictures! Geez, I would give just about anything to be on vacation right now. :D I hope they are enjoying themselves!