Five on Friday!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Five on Friday!

it's a good day to have a good day.
it's friday!!
we have a full weekend packed of parties and more parties.

but first, the best of this week.

stella attended cheerleading camp at the high school this week.
she is just too cute with her little sass and clapping.
i just love it.
she is performing tonight at half time at the varsity game.

jon (and henry) snuck out of the house monday night while the girls were away at cheerleading and got the birthday girl some flowers and donuts for breakfast in the morning.
she LOVED it and loves those guys.
mommy then took the morning off and was able to take everyone to school that morning.
mommy loves that.  lol.
someday, someday.....

jon is an amazing cook, and says this is why i should allow him to go fishing more.
he's got a point.....

it's go red day!
wear your red today (and go and buy this exclusive double hoodie from STS).

we are rolling up drawings and packing up boxes.
this job is over and i am officially moving back into the office.
it's been a LONG 27 months.
on to the next project.  yay!

have a great weekend!