Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, January 18, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up

holy adfhfasjdhfsadjh it's COLD!!
five degrees on my drive to work.
i don't think my car officially ever warmed up.
on to the weekend......
friday night i did some dress shopping.
wedding dress shopping that is!
this coming saturday i will say "yes" to the dress.
once i got home, shit got real.
it was DEMO DAY!
we were ripping out the kitchen floors.
what jon said was going to take friday evening turned into something else.
something worse.
FOUR layers of FLOOR under what we "thought" would take one evening.
a friend of jon's came over to help and it didn't make anything go faster.
SEVEN hours later we weren't even half way done.
we couldn't feel our hands anymore.
we were drained.
we texted the guy who was coming to lay tile saturday morning at 8 a.m. that we needed to reschedule.  it SUCKED so bad sending that text.
saturday morning i had scheduled to work at CK to stay out of the guys way.
backfired since we weren't done yet.
luckily my dad came over and helped jon and within four hours they had the rest of the floor up.
however we still had about 2,000 nails to pull and then clean up.
when i got home at 2:30 it was nail pulling time.
then we cleaned up.
and we were left with these.
the original hardwood floors.
everyone thought we hit the jackpot.
even chip gaines.
yep - he retweeted me.  seriously i was pumped.
we are practically BFFS now.  lol.
however i replied to his tweet and said "maybe if we lived in Waco and had you and JoJo's help."
but seriously.
next step was self leveler.
that had to dry for four hours.  so we poured it down, took showers and enjoyed a nice long nap.  lol.  and much deserved.
we got up, had a late dinner, surveyed our work and called it a night.
sunday was TILE DAY!!
when our tile guy got there in the morning our first step was backerboard.
he cut and we screwed.  we bought a thing of 800 screws.
i think we MAYBE have like 50 - 100 left.  insane.
and then the chalk line went down.
and then the tile started getting laid.
and it felt like christmas MORNING!
and then it was time for me to get out of the house.
i think the guys did a happy dance when i left.  lol.
kidding.  well maybe.  it totally could have happened.
i headed to a small little bridal shower for lacie held by her soon-to-be mother-in-law.
it was so cute and so nice.
once i got home i walked into this.
i just wanted to lay down on top of it and kiss it.
i was SO SO SO HAPPY!!
i love it so much.
and then i had to leave it.
we camped out at jon's parents for the night once we picked up the kids at 6.
the kids were pumped because they got to sleep in today.
jon and i headed home at 5 a.m. this morning and that's when i kissed the tile.  lol.
they are being grouted this morning and then life as we know it can be put back together this evening.


Shannon Snodgrass said...

Say what???? Chip Gaines!!!! Girl, entire year made, BOOM, in one tweet! I have such a crush on him and I want JoJo to be my best friend.... ahhh so torn with this couple, lol. Really, I'd be happy if they just adopted me :-D

Katie said...

omg what a nightmare! I think I would have been in tears with all those layers of flooring. You guys have some serious determination!! Hard workers for sure!
LOVE the new tile. Looks awesome!!

Anonymous said...

Is the Gaines our next book singing?