New Year Wrap Up!

Monday, January 11, 2016

New Year Wrap Up!

happy new year!!
11 days later.
whew - we have been busy!
90% of our first floor has new floors.
and we all still have our fingers.
but god they are sore.
and thanks to jons parents for coming over and helping us lay the last room.
otherwise our DIY streak may have ended.  lol.
good news - we are getting TILE THIS WEEK!!
it's been a little bit of a battle in our house.
i knew we could get it.
jon has his doubts.
and then we found out that the floors were TOTALLY rigged up from some previous renovations....
so we are fixing it and getting tile
so here's to learning how to lay tile!!
i mean i am already good at supervising the process.  i mean it's my job.
anyways, so yeah new floors and more new floors and tons of trash and lots of cleaning.
oh yeah and on top of all of that jon and i decided to start the 24 day challenge.
so we are hangry and trying to DIY.
i mean i haven't had coffee in a coon's age.
enter our house with caution.
ha - kidding!
we are kind of loving the challenge so far.
thanks to spark.  i mean am i right or am i right?
that shit is amazing!!

oh and jon is LOVING LOVING LOVING his new internship.
and my washer and dryer are LOVING not having to wash clothes full of metal.
and dare i say my project is REALLY close to being over?
like that light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter.

stella - she is just LOSING teeth like a mad woman.
four teeth so far.
and so close to her fifth one.
a nice front tooth.
two months out from lacie's wedding.
she was super pissed over christmas break because she just wanted to go back to school.  which makes me SO DANG proud of her.
she just loves school - and is doing awesome.  perfect report card just came home the other day.
but can we talk about the sixes??
like do people just not talk about the sixes?
like the back talk?  the mouth?  the extra sass?
like we have started a tally at home and if she gets a certain number of tallys before her birthday we are canceling her friend party.
because sometimes i will be like stella, get back in here, and her response will be, "what, what do you want?"
girl - you are six.
i have talked to a friend of mine and mentioned it and she was like YES - her daughter is the same way.
whew - baby steps.

henry - he is still just go with the flow.
had a nasty ear infection last week - but feeling much better now.
growing like a weed!
48 pounds at his sick visit!
every night we go to lay down he is hungry again.
raisins, cheese sticks, popcorn, yep - he wants it.
growing boy.
and he is LOVING jon being home in the evenings.
he has become the little prankster.
and thinks his pranks are hilarious!!

so yeah - christmas was good, news years spent laying floors, oh yeah, we checked out ikea - HOLLA, and we are back at school and working like animals.

so cheers to 2016!


Shannon Snodgrass said...

Happy New Year!!!! If your relationship can handle a 24 day challenge WHILE doing a DIY, girl you are golden, marry that man.... oh wait, haha ;-) And cheers to handling a 6yr old going on 16! Man, I can totally do without that. V tells me now, "mom, calm down" when I tell her she better be doing what I told her to do. HUH? Did you just tell me to calm down? I get this sweet little face, "I love you mom". Ayi yi yi, save me now!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Pheww busy busy. Can't wait to see pictures of these new floors!

So there are two things that I want to do in our master bathroom and every time I think of doing them I think ughh I wish I had Cassie & Jon's DIY motivation!!

Ohh raisins that's a good idea! Nathan is Mr. Picky Eating Toddler lately. Gonna try some raisins.