Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, September 28, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

our weekend flew by!!
good thing i took off friday.
so i guess i can't really complain.
jon even texted me on thursday about 4:30 saying "happy weekend!"
he knew i needed the break.  lol.
friday didn't get much of a break.
we woke up early and took stella to school, headed to henry's 4 year old check up (clean bill of health, yay!)
then stopped by grandma and grandpa steibel's for some farming action (you can see a little head sticking out of the passenger window),
then headed to pick up sissy from school, lunch with papa and jon at dicarlos, halloween costume shopping and then home so the kids could meet up with their dad.
and that was all before 4:00!

i thought i had plans to view our photos we got taken a few weeks back, but we had scheduling conflicts and we are scheduled to go tonight now.
ahhh - i can't wait!
so i headed to work out and then did some stuff in stl.
picked up one of these little babies.
yep - that's a preview pass to ikea!!
unfortunately we didn't get to use it.
bummer!  we passed it on to my mom.
so yay - at least someone got some use out of it.

saturday morning both jon and i were up early to work.
hence why we couldn't use the ikea pass.
once we got home we cleaned up and headed to dinner with friends before our 10 year class reunion.
yep the big ole 10 year reunion.
man we are getting old!  lol.
we had fun!

sunday i was back at ck to work again.
after work we decided to go to jon's grandma's birthday with his parents and got to bring back jon's new little niece.
gah - make the fever even worse!!
there were THREE newborns there.
calm down cassie.

we got back just in time to pick the kids up and then jon told stella about his niece being at his parents house so we headed back out there to some more snuggles.

we finished the night at home checking out the moon.
it was so cool and something i was happy we got to experience as a family.

we are in for a busy week this week.
stella has a flower girl dress decision to make tonight.
visiting CB to talk photos and wedding.
jon's dad's birthday wednesday.
my mom's birthday thursday.
whew - busy!

have a great week!


Adrien said...

That darn pass was probably worth a million times it's weight in GOLD. Haha! Glad someone got to use it, and I'm glad we got to chat for a bit on Saturday! Hope your busy week is going well!