Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, August 24, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

boy were we on the go this weekend.
whew - even stella said, we got a lot done!  lol.
i agree sister.
friday night was jon's mom's birthday.
even though jon had to work we still took part in the festivities.
dinner first and then some fun times.
we waited for jon to get off work and meet us at sportos.
the adults enjoyed the patio while i was on kid patrol.
which i enjoyed.
we were there til way past our bedtime.
but that didn't stop them.  they were up bright and early at 7:30 the next morning.
we made some breakfast and then headed to get the dogs nails clipped.
two dogs, two helpers and one mom.
yeah - chaos.
even the vet tech was like do you need help?!
ha - no no sweet lady, i have MORE than enough help this morning.  lol.
later that afternoon we headed out for another birthday dinner for jon's mom.
we had plans to go to a brazilian place in st. charles but we couldn't get in until 9:00.
and i don't think the kids would make it til then.
so we headed to hibachi.
which took the kids a bit to warm up to, but the next day they were telling everyone about it!
even henry mastered the chop sticks.
and then we headed to see the new Minions movie.
it was cute.
took a bit to get going, but we enjoyed it.
especially the end!
sunday jon was off fishing early in the morning.
his last free day before he started school.
so we just hung out at home and did some grocery shopping.
we had plans to meet katie and kathy at the magic house that afternoon.
i don't think we had been there all summer!
it was well over due and the kids were looking forward to it!
this courtroom was loud - who had the bright idea to make the microphones real?!
and the kids finally made it to the top of the beanstalk.  they were pumped!
i think our times for good pictures are long gone.  lol.
more kids than adults.
all in all we had a GREAT TIME!!
we headed home where jon had the grill going.
some ribs, brats and hot dogs.
so so good.
we finished off the night with an evening swim and some cookie making.
and taste testing.
jon is off to school today and stella is ready to start her first week of school where she has to walk in all by herself.
the doors are locked so parent's can not come in.  they can walk them in the door.
i have no worries that stella is ready for this and can do this herself.
so send some positive vibes her way.

have a great week!



Shannon Snodgrass said...

HAHA, Henry is my kinda guy, just lick the dough right off the beater buddy! YUMMY!!!! While everyone is fighting over who gets to lick the beater at my house, I quietly get the bowl all to myself.... SUCKAS, lol ;)

Positive vibes for Miss Stella! XOXO