Happy Birthday Henry!

Monday, August 31, 2015

Happy Birthday Henry!

on sunday, henry turned four.
i can't say that i am like holy cow how is he four - but it truly has flown by.
he is becoming such a little man lately and i love it.
i think the terrible threes are officially gone.
because let's be honest it's not just the twos anymore.  lol.
he had an awesome birthday party yesterday with all of his friends and family.
thank you to all who helped make it a success!

henry is ALL boy now a days.
loves his weapons and fighting and being a ninja.
loves getting dirty.
loves to run, everywhere.
but still loves to snuggle.
and that i will take any day.

henry george,
my wish for you is that you continue being the unique, lovable, courageous, loyal young man you are today.  every day i am prouder and prouder of you and i can't thank you enough for that.
watching you grow up and mature has been quite the adventure.
it may take you a bit to get started in the morning but once you are ready to take on the day you go with full force.
i love that you still get excited when i pick you up for linda's to see your momma.
it melts my heart and is the best part of my day.
i love how much you enjoy spending time with jon.
he has really shown you a lot of things and you have taken to them so well.
i can't wait for you and him to make more memories as the years pass.
and i love your heart for everyone in your life.
whether it's always making sure to get two gatorades when we are at the store, one for you and one for jon.  and you always remember his favorite kind.
or picking flowers for your momma whenever you see them.
or opening the door for your sister in the car, well whenever she isn't yelling at you for taking too long.
you have a heart of gold and i am blessed to be your momma.
happy birthday buddy.
love always,


Shannon Snodgrass said...

aww, love this Cassie! You are blessed my friend!!

Anonymous said...

the video, the letter it all made me tear up. Happy Birthday Henry!!

Chelsea said...

Happy to Henry!! Time seems to fly by so fast I wish it would slow down
Chelsea @thewilliamsjourney1.blogspot.com/