$20 Planters

Monday, July 13, 2015

$20 Planters

i have to admit, i still miss Young House Love.
like bad.
but i am thankful i still have Bower Power.
but no joke, i have a love for Katie and Jeremy Bower.
they are adorable, make adorable babies and DIY the best stuff ever.
so when i came across these $20 planters i texted jon and said - let's do this!
he was all about it AND even promised to let me use real tools.
because we all know jon gives me awesome jobs like "sit here and watch this paint dry."
no joke.
one time my job was to peel caulk off of some trim.
seriously, the dog could do that.
and then there was this one time when i showed him how i can caulk like a freaking pro.
and now he's the one peeling paint off trim.  lol.
moving on.
we agreed to make this a "group" project and he did really good with that promise.
let's first note that you must find a scrunchy from fifth grade before starting this project.
ha - i grabbed a head band and use it as a ponytail holder.
bad idea.  i look 12.
moving on.
as you can see he let me take measurements, make cuts AND even use the nail gun.
but as you can also see, he is checking my work.
he honestly can't help it.
and i have to admit i don't mind it.  he is a perfectionist and it's a nice thing.
because 99.9% of the time things end up looking really good.
once we had the layout for the first side it was pretty easy for the other three.  just copy and paste basically.  ahhhhh, if all DIYs were like that.
keep dreaming cassie.
before we knew it we had the basic layout of the planter done.
it was so easy!
we added the trim to the side, inserted a kid, showed some crack, and wah-lah!
here is what the inside look like.
it's actually a fairly small box that goes inside.  which is good.
less plant for me to kill.
no joke.
and now here they are in front of the house.
still plantless.... ummm yeah, we will get to those.....
whenever it freaking STOPS RAINING!!
so yeah - we did it!
another successful DIY and we think they look great.
and i am sure will look even better once we have some real plants in them.


Erin said...

The FIRST thing i noticed was the scrunchie. Not joking.
I also noticed there was nothing in them the other day when I was there. Lol.
I'm a big fan of ferns. Also, I'm a huge fan of sweet potato vines, they get huge and would look cool in there. And they are easy to keep alive. Good luck!

Shannon Snodgrass said...

I love these!! I'm seriously waiting for the Jon & Cassie DIY show to come on TV ;-)

Anonymous said...

Crack on every job........

Laura Darling said...

They look AMAZING! I can't believe it only cost $20 to make them! I'm also glad you got to use real tools! They intimidate me but maybe someday I will get brave enough to use them!

Cassie said...

thanks ladies!!

and yes shannon, we would love that. someday, someday!

Anonymous said...

I noticed the scrunchie right away also hahah I even zoomed in and thought does she have a scrunchie in?! Then I cracked up when I read below the picture. Kathy had to wear a scrunchie once at the lake. We still laugh about it!

But those planters look AWESOME!!