Weekend Wrap Up

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

happy cinco de mayo!!
i don't think you will find me sipping on margs tonight and i am ok with that.
we have a date with the kiddie pool in our backyard.
this weather has been awesome and my kids do not give a lick that the water is cold.  lol.
jon is hoping to fill it up early this afternoon when he gets home from school so it's hopefully a little warmer for them when we get home this evening.
on to the weekend.
friday night stella tried out for a cheerleading squad.  she LOVED it.
and had a blast.
now if i can handle $300 a MONTH!
if we lived closer, not an issue, but add in gas and all the driving.
it's something we really need to have a serious talk about.
so we will see.
after cheer we grabbed some pizza, picked up lacie and headed to the park next to her house.
henry LOVED the park.
we all did really.  we just love waterloo.
we need to make it our home.
saturday morning jon was up at 4 am for a fishing trip.  whew!
the three of us slept in, had some morning visitors, maybe breakfast and chilled.
we decided to head to kids day at the fort and we have a good time.
my dad tagged along and i am sure got a workout with all the piggy back rides he had to give.
we locked the boys in jail.  lol.
once we got our sweat on we headed home.
i threw out the P word and the kids were ALL about it!!
jon got home later that evening, we grabbed a quick bite to eat and then headed to our neighbors for a bonfire.  it was a perfect little day!
sunday morning we headed to jon's church for service and for a dedication they were having for the preschool teacher who was retiring.  she taught my and my sisters and jon as well.
stella was one year shy of being a second generation kid for her.
she has taught over 500 kids - that's pretty awesome!!
after church and a little luncheon we headed to tony and rachel's to help plant their garden!
we had a BLAST!!
the kids loved the dirt and loved the farm.
if we told henry we are moving to the farm tomorrow he would be GAME!
me too buddy - me too!
we got home later that evening, cleaned up and everyone was sleeping by 9:30.
have a great week!


Adrien said...

Agree, this weather is perfect! If it could go ahead and stay like this all summer, that would be great... :)

I don't think we'll ever be buying a house here, so we may be joining you in moving up that way. Someday. Columbia is calling our name ;)

Anonymous said...

Girls rule and boys go to jail

Shannon Snodgrass said...

Happy Cinco de Mayo! No mags for me either, bootcamp was moved to Tues this week so I'll be getting my sweat on! Maybe a glass of wine on the deck later but we'll see ;)

Kids and dirt, there is just a connection there! The dirtier they are, the happier they are, lol. The pool pic is too cute! I love seeing happy kiddos!