My Lenten Challenge

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

My Lenten Challenge

so for lent i decided i was going to really step it up and get back in shape.
ultimately stop being a lazy butt and start working out MORE.
it was a long winter y'all.
as most of you have seen on IG or Facebook Stella and I enjoy our workouts.
but you can't really go that hardcore with a five year old.
don't get me wrong we still bust them out on a weekly basis and i love them.
but i needed more.
so on ash wednesday i got myself a membership to a gym in my town (flex) and got moving.
well, it took me a few days.
momma was SORE!!
i joined the #5amclub
yes, my alarm goes at 4:30, i hit snooze twice or more, but i am there by 5 a.m.
and surprisingly it was EASIER than i imagined.
it just became a habit.
and then an inspiration of mine, jackie, added me to the AMAZING group called IDWTBAT.
and after that i kept exercise and eating good, on point.
i mean don't get me wrong, i still indulge, but i just try to be "good."
i haven't drank soda since the beginning of the year, and honestly i hardly even drink anymore.
we may have a few beverages on the weekend.  but that's it.
it was all just coming full circle.
and before i knew it 40 days of lent was over.
and i was loving the "new" me.
the left was taken on ash wednesday.  i did workout that morning, but one hour of working out wasn't going to be life changing.
the picture on the right was taken on monday night.  the day after easter.
i weighed  147 when i started out.
i only know this because i had to go for my yearly and they weighed me.
otherwise i do not own a scale and i don't really ever care to.
i was wearing a tight 8 and i was not feeling comfortable in my own clothes.
today i feel like my love handles are disappearing!!
my eights are loose and i have been pulling out some of my 6 spring clothes.
i have no idea what i weigh and i still don't care.
i love the way my clothes fit and i am comfortable in them!

i have seen more than just a physical change in my body.
i feel i am less stressed.
i don't lose my shit (as often).
but seriously, hardly at all.
i am sleeping better.
my skin looks and feels healthier.
my mom guilt is starting to go away too.
thanks a TON to jon and my mom!!  they are SO supportive.
jon is at home with the kids when i leave at 4:50.  granite they are all sleeping, but still, without him i wouldn't be able to go.  my mom is awesome and offers to let the kids hang out with her for a bit in the evenings or on a saturday when i want to get in an extra workout or if i missed the morning.
supportive people in your life is awesome!!

it's truly amazing what a little dedication can do.
if you are thinking oh.em.gee i can't do that.
you are not a tree, move!
you CAN do this.
start small.
5 am workouts, sound brutal.
but they are not.
crossfit sounds like a cult, but it's not.
i have never felt more support in my entire life!
honestly when i workout at 5 am i am there with some women who are YEARS older than me and have been doing this for a year or so and they kick my ass every day.
they finish the WODs in 10-12 minutes and it takes me 13-14.
but i don't care.
i am there for me.
and those last 2-3 minutes that they are done and i am still finishing up, they are cheering me on and you can just feel the support in the room.
it's amazing.
start small.
and big changes will happen!
and remember, you are not a tree, MOVE!


Tamara said...

Whoa, you go girl! You've done an amazing job in 40 days!

Sarah said...

YESSSS!!! I am so excited for you!! You look amzaeballs!!

I am so glad you have the don't care attitude about what you look like doing the workouts. I used to be SO self conscious about what I looked like during my workouts, when i gave that up I started killing i even more!

Keep it up friend!!

Shannon Snodgrass said...

You look AND are AMAZING!!!!! WOW girl!!!!! So proud of you, XO

The Pink Growl said...

So proud of you sister! You are doing great and it's so motivating! You look FANTASTIC! Plus, I know that feeling better is everything!

Amanda aka Manda said...

You look AMAZING! Such an inspiration! You definitely inspired me to get off my butt and get moving too!

Anonymous said...

You look great sister!


Adrien said...

You look awesome! I don't ever care about a scale either, but seriously...healthier skin and less freaking out? Maybe I really do need to hit the gym!

Wendy Saenz said...

Way to go! I have so much more energy when I workout in the morning but yea it's hard when that alarm goes off at 445am! Keep up the good work!!!

Myssie@PendletonMarket said...

You look great girl!! Keep up the hard work!