Go Post Something Funny

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Go Post Something Funny

last night i was out walking the dogs.
a facebook friend stopped me and said - go home and post something funny so i can laugh my ass off.
i chuckled.
she's like seriously, you and your kids crack me up!
the rest of the way home i thought - it's been quite awhile since i felt funny on the ole blog.
so i should totally go home and post some funny shit.
so without further ado, a life update, with some humor.
well, hopefully you find it funny.

stella lost her first tooth!!
yes, that's my five year old wearing a robe.  she wants to be like mommy.
and yes that's an itty bitty tooth in a plastic bag.
what else am i supposed to put it in?
knowing my luck if we put it under the pillow by itself the damn dog would eat it.
stella expected $151 from the tooth fairy.
yes that is what she told people she was getting.
well sweetie, the tooth fairy isn't getting a third job.
luckily she was happy with $2, and then papa brought over $5 worth of stratchers!
because we are steibel's and that's what you give anyone in our family for any event.
and yes, that outfit she picked out herself.
and wore out in public.
and yes, her hair is amazing.  and looks better than i could ever dream of my hair looking.
oh and my son there in the background.
of course those are canned goods he is "building" with.
why would we use the 100s of dollars of legos we have to build something.
speaking of that cute little boy who loves to play with canned goods.
he loves picking his mom these "flowers."
i just love that he is now able to enjoy the outdoors and hold a "flower" this close to his face without his eyes swelling shut.
of course all thanks to this miracle bottle from essential oils.
before we got this roll on of magic, henry was struggling.
it was so sad to see.
good to know though even when he is sick he can still manage to get his hand in his pants.
lol - seriously what is it with guys and their hand just always being in their pants?!!?
in the mean time i have mastered looking like a 12 year old girl.
yes - side braid and all.
i think i should stick to a clear pony tail holder.
or maybe just stick to not wearing a side braid.
speaking of braids - stella is going to try out for cheerleading.
que the bows and braids and big hair (which i am excited about!!)
yes - that's right - my child wants to be a cheerleader.
since we tried out soccer last fall and well, she was pretty much only there to socialize and look cute in pictures, we are thinking maybe sports really aren't her thing.
not that's cheerleading isn't a sport.  because it believe it is.
but i just feel it's a much better suit for her.
and yes, i am fully aware of what i am doing to myself.  lol.
and then there's lucy.
loves walks.  but refuses to walk over those sidewalk grates.  yeah so that's fun when a 50 pound dog spazes out while walking down the street.....
she takes one for the team when henry insists she be a ninja turtle.
my son is obsessed with dogs doing people things.
no joke - my life consists of a good hour each day talking about dogs doing funny human things.
and then there are days she just feels the need to lay right on my clean hardwood floors.
because - why not?
and well, what's a blog post without a workout selfie?
i am feeling more and more confident at the gym lately.
but only confident enough to take a selfie when no one else is there.  lol.
lately i even got the confidence to wear a cardigan.
seriously - i never wear cardigans.
but lately it has been in the high 30s low 40s every morning.
like wtf - it's six days until MAY!
and last but not least, my five year old can officially create a better messy bun than me.
i may start asking her to do my hair.....


Tamara said...

Kids always have the best hair and eyelashes. Totally jealous! You are looking good, girl - send me some of that gym motivation!

Adrien said...

I can't believe Stella lost a tooth!! Eep! Seeing Henry wear that Jake shirt gave me serious butterflies for your Disney trip. Baha...so excited for YOUR vacation. :D

I wear braids all of the time when my hair is a mess. That's probably why I get weird looks when I'm out with the kids. I know I have to look like a twelve year old. Don't care - love the braids! :)